Phoenix Thug Cop Fired: “I’ve Got one Tool, To Beat People Up And Take Them To Jail”

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Body camera evidence leads to the firing of a Phoenix cop. Chief Daniel Garcia stands by his decision to fire Officer Richard Greco. He watched all of the videos in question and says the officer showed a pattern of bad behavior.

Video: “Turn around and look at me because I’m [expletive] talking to you, you piece of [expletive] now get the [expletive] over here.”

“I was very disturbed,” said Chief Garcia.

And on another call talking to a possible victim of domestic violence: “I’ve got one tool, that tool is to beat people up and take them to jail.”

“I was very disturbed…from what I saw from one of our Phoenix police officers,” said Garcia.

Garcia is referring to the videos captured by Greco’s body camera.

Video: “He looks retarded.. he looks like another MMI student.”

After an internal investigation, Garcia fired Greco for unprofessional conduct.

“One of the witnesses said it better.. he displayed a contempt for citizens and I think that’s a very, very accurate description of what I saw,” said Garcia.

Police launched an investigation after getting one complaint. They looked into one video, saw problems, then pulled every video recorded by Greco’s body camera for three months in 2011.

Video: “How many times have you done this? Spread your [expletive] feet…” “I’ve never been in jail.” “Well, welcome to jail, sounds like you should have been a while ago.”

Right now, 50 Phoenix police officers wear body cameras. That number could grow.

“It works both ways. The citizen knowing they’re being recorded and their conduct is up to scrutiny, but it also works in relation to our officers as well,” explained Garcia. “My message is clear. We will not tolerate our officers treating people anything less.. we want dignity and respect from our officers.”

Greco told a civil service board he did not believe he should have lost his job for this.

That board — made up of members of the community, upheld the Chief’s decision.


Well, at least he is honest when he tells people that having him interject will only make things worse, and that all his job entails is beating people up and caging them. – Kate


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