Man Wearing LVMPD Badge Said to Have Purporsefully Run Over Dog

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After you read it ask yourself:

What would happen if you acted as did the lady wearing the badge?
If you lived in Vegas would you happy to pay for the “service” rendered – a dead four-legged family member and a ransom note?
Does the “justice” system really bring-about it’s idealistic ends?  What might we do instead?


FOX Carolina 21

A Las Vegas woman is outraged after a police officer allegedly ran over her beloved dog, Freckles, with his two-ton cruiser on purpose then cited the family for having him unrestrained.

Sarah Hecht, 22, said the cop told her he intentionally ran over the animal after it escaped from her backyard on May 21 and was running toward a group of children playing.

She rushed the wounded pet to the vet but had to put down the 45-pound Australian shepherd hybrid because of the injuries he suffered.

Freckles was a birthday gift Hecht received after getting straight As in high school.

Devastated, the woman staged a rally at the Regional Justice Center on Thursday protesting canine killings by Las Vegas police.

Around a dozen people showed up and shouted ‘Justice for Freckles’ as they called for enhanced training for officers dealing with animals.

Hecht was overcome with emotion while speaking of Freckles who she claims was like a child to her.


‘I don’t have children. He was my son,’ she said.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, an officer told Hecht he purposefully ran over the dog after he noticed it running towards the play area.

The dog was dragged along the street by the police car, but survived. However, once at the vet, Hecht made the difficult decision to euthanize the animal.

While she was there, her father was cited for having an unrestrained dog.

Hecht claims Freckles escaped her backyard after he was taunted by neighborhood children and she insists the dog would never hurt anyone and had no history of biting humans.

Following the protest on Thursday, Hecht wept before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Karen Bennett-Haron.

She explained what had happened to the dog and said she was broke after forking out $1,000 to try and save her ‘son’s’ life.

Bennett-Haron and prosecutors quickly agreed to dismiss the charges, the Review Journal reported.

The citation wasn’t the first for the Hecht family regarding Freckles. The 22-year-old has been cited twice in the past for animal code violations, including not obtaining a permit or sterilizing her dogs.

Court records show both matters were also dismissed. The police department refused to comment to the Review Journal on the matter because an investigation is still ongoing.justice-for-freckles-1-copblock


Keep in mind that “no Las Vegas area police officer has EVER been held accountable for shooting someone, no matter how questionable that shooting has been.” Unite with Nevada Cop Block to Oppose the Cover Up of Stanley Gibson’s Murder by LVMPD via

If you live anywhere in the globe, let the real aggressors know what’s up:

Las Vegas PD (702) 828-3231 

then connect with Justice for Freckles on Facebook

If you live in Vegas connect with: Nevada Cop Block website / on Facebook / on Twitter / on YouTube / via email:

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Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • Nonya

    It is time to start sniping some bacon.

  • Common Sense

    An irresponsible dog owner….

  • steve

    common sense is an idiot

  • Casual Observer

    @Common Sense,

    I’m sorry, where exactly does it the police officer owned a dog too?

  • Casual Observer

    *it state

  • Silvestri

    This may have been the first time the dog jumped over the fence and escaped…but lets say this happened before.
    What possible reason did the police have to kill the dog? They weren’t in danger.
    If they did care they would have told the owners to retrieve their pet or get a visit from animal control.
    This was just pure maliciousness.

  • d0nj3nko

    Police are out of control… They are trained by zionist filth so that should explain why they are behaving as they do… This filthy coward cop should be terminated, there were plenty of options available to the cop, she could have called the animal control, taken the children away from the scene, minded her own stinking business or in the worst case that the dog was actually going to attack the kids, she could have acted in a humane way and shot the dog causing a quick death… I mention the last course of action as a last resort if the kids safety is at stake but the cop had so many options before that… There’s pepper spray, tazer, in fact there should not even have been an option to shoot the dog. I suspect this dog barked a lot and annoyed the filthy pig who was just waiting for an opportunity to silence it one way or another. These cops are hired with low iq and they target people like that so they will blindly follow orders like good puppets who can’t think for themselves and who act just as this idiot did… There was a story not long back about a guy who was not allowed employment with the police because he scored too high on the iq test. That should tell us all what sort of poeple the establishment are after and the sort of idiots we get on here who try to justify all police abuse exposed…
    God bless us all…

  • simpleton

    @Common, wouldn’t it be nice to hear a story from a cop who would say “ya know, I fucked up and I’m really sorry”. But we will never hear that.

    Yet another story about a pet being killed. It just infuriates me. If anyone, including a cop, shot my beloved golden I would go to the ends of the earth to hold that person accountable.

  • Common Sense

    This happened 2 months ago. Nothing was said then.

    She’d been cited in the past, twice.

    No police report posted.

    Only one saying what the cops said, is the dog owner.

    Dog stays inside fence, dog not hit by car. Dog gets out of fence, dog can get hit by car.

  • G. Hangach

    Animal Control is just as bad. I had the body of an 8 week old kitten (to be buried later) poisoned by a creep who admitted to it but I was threatened with a citation for feeding the cats, never asked to see the kitten just said I’d have to pay for a necropsey to prove it. A year later all of my managed feral colony was murdered by poisoning.

  • Casual Observer

    @Common Sense,

    “Only one saying what the cops said, is the dog owner,” and of course, the local NBC-TV news affiliate… on their web-site.

    If a normal person hits a dog they tend to express feelings of remorse while apologizing to the owner, rather than seeking to charge them with a criminal complaint. Psychopathic individuals on the other hand, tend to defend their actions (and those of other psychopaths) by claiming that victims of lethal violence are responsible for their own demise.

  • BJ

    Poor dogs have no chance with police.

    Dog stays inside fence, dog can get shot by police. Dog gets out of fence, dog can get get hit by police car. Dog stays inside house, dog can get shot by police. Dog says screw it I’ll probably be safer from police if I just join the police force, dog gets left in cruiser to die from heat exhaustion. Sucks being a dog with any police around I guess.

  • Casual Observer
  • Common Sense

    Jumped the fence and chased children.

    Actions of a friendly dog, or an aggressive one?

  • steve

    no matter what common sense will back the brutality of any police force . cops are well known for shooting dogs or as this one running them over . it seems to be so common all through the u.s. that it actualy shows the mentality involved in being a cop. so fucking petty minded. if they kill mans best friend in every state so often then what does that say for the like minded mentality of police ,their traing ,their unions . they are gangsters getting away with it all. there is no glory in being a cop.

  • Call it out

    @d0nj3nko – You fucking nutcase kook – How, exactly, are police trained by “Zionist scum”? You’re the fucking scum, you 2-faced hypocrite. Why do you insist on spewing out your fake spirituality, true Christians practice tolerance and acceptance, and don’t run around spouting bat-shit crazy nonsense like “police are trained by Zionist scum”. Fucking reject. Fuck, if ANY of you conspiracy lunatics could form any coherent and rational explanation as to how Jews are so evil, I’d listen. But nope, never hear any of that, just Zionist scum this, Jews that, etc, etc. You a failure, accept it. It’s nobodies fault but your own. And just because you feel ineffective and inferior, you somehow connect that with all the worlds problems, right down to police abuse, as being some sort of conspiracy by the Jews. Moron. You’re a fucking embarrassment to whatever the fuck religion you claim to belong to. Well, then again, maybe those Westfield Baptist folks would have you. They’re a pack of ignorant chuckleheads as well, so they’ll probably welcome you with open arms.

  • Call it out


  • BJ

    It would be great if we had more facts on this story. Before the officer made the decision to run down the family pet – Did the officer witness the kids taunting and throwing rocks at the dog and if so were the kids chastised for doing so and their parents contacted? Was the dog merely chasing the kids or was the dog viciously attacking young children as contended (no reports of injuries that I’ve read)? Was animal control contacted? Was the owner contacted?


    Should this officer’s judgement in his use of force in using his cruiser to run down and drag a dog to it’s death be seriously questioned? I’m thinking the latter as the police won’t comment as they hide behind the excuse of a use of force internal affairs investigation. Go figure.

  • steve

    Call it out, yes your dealing with a fruit cake. his idol must be adolph. he rants the zionist rant

  • steve

    Sniping at bacon is just as bad as a crooked cop, its murder, no matter how you put it.the threats of murder will not help the cause of accountability.

  • ArtieB

    Check out how many LVMPD K-9s died through neglect. Remember Bubba, the dog viciously slaughtered by them. No surprises here. Utter sociopaths, perfectly exemplified by our very own “Common Sense”.


    How many times has this dog jumped the fence??? I’m guessing more than once!!! I know my shepherd can hop the fence when ever she wants. Fortunately I live in the country and she will stay on my property….

    My question..What would the parents of those kids be saying if the dog had attacked and seriously injured thier kid…and the cop hadn’t acted in time??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • steve

    Was the dog overly agressive , how would the cop know he ran the dog over before it reached the kids. this is the activity of a psychopath. the dog killing mentality of an idiot without a conscience,no remorse. this seems to be a very big deal now, if there were a count it would be extremely high, probibly astounding how many dog shootings all over the u.s. every year. well what would the parents say? we will never know due to the fact the idiot ran the dog over.i wonder if this cop has many serious complaints against him that have been brushed under the carpet.

  • Casual Observer


    Speculation is the process by which fools justify cowardice.

  • Jason Free

    More fucking bullshit. The dog has obviously been running loose and they said it was running towards children. THe officer did the right thing rather then let the dog attack a child. The officer was there because someone called about a dog at large. It’s funny how pieces of shit like that lady who claim their dog is their life would let their animal run around the neighborhood and I’m sure that is not the first time. Fucking cunt loser.

  • Casual Observer

    @Jason Free,

    Not that I really care about you, but you might want to consider seeking out some type of behavioral counseling and medication. Your unjustified anger towards people you’ve never met, would seem to indicate underlying issues of misplaced aggression and the potential to cause serious injury to others.

  • steve


  • mochronic

    Time to start mowing through some cops in your car, then say “oh, I must have fell asleep at the wheel”

  • Jason Free

    steve- you are such a fucking loser. Prove it.

  • t.

    CO. That’s is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t have to, and I won’t, wait until your dog starts chewing on some kid or me. I’ve been bitten twice while in duty and several times delivering papers as a kid. I wont be bitten again if I can stop it. And I won’t let you being a careless dog owner let your dog hurt or injury someone else. Everyone loves these big strong dogs. The problem is, the capability for injury that comes with them. My golden retriever might bite you (although I can’t imagine a scenario) and it’ll hurt and it’ll be done. Pits, rots, Shepard’s, and some other bite and maul people. Serious injury is almost certain and death is very possible.

    Your dog isn’t worth injury to anyone else. Period.

  • YankeeFan

    Casual Observer,

    That is Slappy/Adam/ whatever name he is using. He is a troll here and nothing more. A copblock moderator actually commented directly to him pointing out that he wasn’t as bad as a previous troll but still nonetheless a troll.

  • Casual Observer


    Once again you get a failing mark for reading comprehension. If you consider Freckles (the actual subject of this thread) to be “a big strong dog,” then you either need new glasses or a better dictionary.

    It’s become increasingly difficult to determine whether you’re a functional illiterate, or just a troll who is intentionally misdirecting the conversation. I’d evenly place my wager on both possibilities.

    If someone executed your dog for coming in their yard, and then claimed that it was because, they were “in fear for their lives,” then perhaps you might be able to comprehend this situation. As your empathy score is most likely somewhere in the single digits, in order to open your eyes, it will probably require the painful personal loss of a pet due to unjustifiable violence. In that unfortunate scenario I would still have sympathy for the animal… and complete contempt for you.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks so much for ending your illogical rant with a pointless red herring. Nice.

  • t.

    CO: You comments are starting to look like Ariel’s and RadicalDudes, as in when you dont have a point, call me names and and say that you don’t like the way I write. OR throw out the “red herring” comment. You all 3 do that one. Its funny.

    Mine was a disscusion in generalities. Sorry if that went over your head.

    Would you rather the “painful personal loss” be be that of the mother of one of the kids that this dog was aggressive running at? Child / dog. I’ll vote for the child each time. Scary that you wouldn’t.

  • Common Sense


  • LEP

    “Common Sense” is a trolling pig.

  • Jason Free

    Oh look, it’s Yancunt fan trying to mother everyone again. By the way, the Yankees are to fucking far out to get into the pennent race dumbass. You obviously have major fucking control issues. That is wife your ex-wife fucking left you asshole. She says you are nothing but a half man Go play with your inflatable woman. At least she won’t laugh at your fucking poor performance. Cunt

  • YankeeFan

    Jason Free says:
    July 16, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Oh look, it’s Yancunt fan trying to mother everyone again. By the way, the Yankees are to fucking far out to get into the pennent race dumbass. You obviously have major fucking control issues. That is wife your ex-wife fucking left you asshole. She says you are nothing but a half man Go play with your inflatable woman. At least she won’t laugh at your fucking poor performance. Cunt

    Oh look, the troll speaks his usual bullshit again!. No wonder why copblock held your comments in limbo.

  • Casual Observer


    In your latest post, you created a fallacy called a “false choice” by referring to a completely non-existent either-or situation.

    Actually, it’s “Scary” that your brain functions in a manner which would create such illusions, especially if you’re actually paid to roam the streets all armed and dangerous and stuff. Next, you’ll probably start claiming that you have a right to open fire on anything that is “aggressively running.” Joggers beware!

    The available evidence clearly demonstrates that Freckles NEVER touched any child on the day in question, and to the best of my knowledge had never attacked anyone prior. If you have some sort of actual evidence that alters these facts, then please provide us with a link.

    Maybe the police in your area don’t require things like evidence and facts before exercising lethal force on a 45 pound dog, but most REASONABLE Americans would. But then again, most Americans don’t get a paid vacation and the protection of an kangaroo-court internal review board, whenever they decide to start killing whatever scares them.

    P.S.- Your paranoid delusions are not worth the life of a dog… or an unarmed child… or an unarmed mother… or an unarmed brother… or an unarmed sister… or an unarmed uncle… or an unarmed daughter… or an unarmed father… or an unarmed aunt… or an unarmed grandfather… or an unarmed suspect being questioned while in FBI custody in FL… Well, I think you get my point.

  • t.

    Oh. So wait until he is mauling the child. OK. Maybe it’ll be your kid and you have a moment of clarity.