Parma Ohio. Arrested for exercising my rights

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I was arrested in Parma Oh for protesting a checkpoint. I was on my way home from work one day, and I was headed to meet my girlfriend at our local watering hole for dinner. As I turned the corner from Ridge rd onto Pearl rd, I noticed them setting up a checkpoint in front of Chuppas market. Not wanting to be held up not sure weather it was set up 100% or not. I turned out of it and continued to the place on Snow rd.

Upon arriving and being the only voice of cop block in the Parma area at the time, I informed everyone in all the rooms of the bar, making sure I forgot no one, that the checkpoint was being set up and that everyone should go home another way. I informed the bartender, and everyone else including my girlfriend of my intention to go out and cop block the checkpoint.

We ate dinner, and I had a beer to drink with it. To be perfectly honest, I may have had a second beer, but didn’t finish it. I drink pints for those in Ohio that know they offer a monster 22 oz beer in most bars around here. lol We went home and about an hour later after making my sign which read “checkpoint ahead”, I went back to the neighborhood and parked my car in front of my friends house and gave him the keys. If I had to go to jail I didn’t want my car impounded on top of that.

I spoke to my friend to inform him of what I planned to do as well. He said he’d testify that I was completely sober by this time. As if a beer and a half could make a 6′ 280 lbs guy impaired anyway. It was already an hour and a half at least since I had anything! So then I set off walking down the road with my sign.

I went down to the corner of Ridge and Pearl in front of the “We buy gold” place. Stopping at the several bars that are on that stretch of road and announced the checkpoint to everyone in the bars. Incidentally, a couple weeks later, the gold place was on shipping wars!!! lol

I was standing on the corner of Ridge and Pearl on the side of the telephone pole that is there, and in between a telephone pole and red light pole, and reached the sign out over the curb so people could see it. It was a small sign, so I was worried people couldn’t see it. The position of the telephone pole allowed for me to stand on the side of it and reach my hand over the edge of the curb so people could see it.

After only a few minutes. 3 Parma cop cars came up Ridge and turned right onto Pearl with a vengeance. They were going faster than, if not trying to take the turn at the full 25 mph allowed. In my opinion they sere going faster than that, because their tire screeched as they went around the corner. I may have yelled “Go a little faster asshole!” As they went around the corner. I don’t remember specifically, but this is a common yelling of mine, when people come flying down my street in front of my house!!! lol I could have very well said that.

A few minutes later a cop car pulls up behind me and shines the light on me. Cop gets out of the car and I recognize him as the cop in the first car round the corner. He asks what I m doing? I say. “I don’t answer questions and (because I could tell by his posture, he was gonna make this difficult) I don’t consent to searches.” He asked for my ID. I said “Am I being detained? Or am I free to go?”

He said your being detained. I asked” For what crime?”
He said ” Your standing in the middle of the street obstructing traffic.”
To which I responded, “I wasn’t in the middle of the street and you know it!”
He said I know, but you were holding that sign out over the road obstructing traffic. You look like you can’t stand up straight. And your putting yourself in danger”

Now, I suffer from vertigo, and sometimes I lean one way or another. Anyone who knows what its like knows what I mean. He never had a chance to ascertain that, because he was already trying to make a case against me and approaching me as if searching me was a forgone conclusion. In my opinion, it was because Parma PD didn’t want me out there, spoiling their chance at makin a buck off some unsuspecting drivers. We all know they are no longer just looking for DUI suspects as was the original reason to go against the constitution to allow these types of checkpoints. Remember? They said “We are only looking for impaired drivers!” And everyone signed our 4th amendment rights away to keep drunks off the road!

I’m all for keeping drunks from behind the wheel, but how many are cops???? How many cops get DUIs? The answer is probably close to none! I know for a fact there is a Parma Pd officer that I used to see at the bar. I have seen him falling down drunk, get in his car and drive home from the bar!!! But that is hearsay and a little off topic! lol

Back to me and Officer Ogrady standing on the corner. So at this point Im thinking. He admitted there was no crime so why am I still being detained? The answer? I wouldn’t give him my ID! He didn’t like that so he manufactured probable cause so he could think, in his little mind, he’s justified in asking for ID. LEST WE FORGET!! I WASN’T DRIVING AND UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO CARRY ID!!!! I was trying to get my stupid fucking blackberry out of my pocket the whole time this is going on to record!

My phone at the time, a blackberry, kept resetting and Rebooting, which was taking a long time. The phone was a piece of shit so this happened a lot. I tried to wait. Before I left I charged it, which was why I was home so long before going out. I reset it before talking to my friend and by the time I announced the checkpoint at the second bar, it appeared to be working. A few minutes before the cop pulled up, I looked at it, because I was gonna record a little preface video of what I was doing, and the fuckin phone was rebooting again!!! So when he rolled up I kept trying to check the phone, and he kept telling me to take my hands out of my pockets, but desperately wanting to record, knowing I was about to be fucked with, I kept subconsciously slipping my hand back in my pocket.

I am not one to resist police, even when they lie and manufacture Probable cause on me, so I submitted when he started to pat me down. The pocket my phone was in was the left and I had my tactical folding knife on my right pocket.

I carried a knife with a window breaking point and a seatbelt cutter, because I was a truck driver. I felt safe knowing I could cut and break my way out of a truck if I had an accident. Not to mention cutting plastic ties all day long with the blade!!!

The knife in question is a USA design knife. It is marketed to police, firefighters and EMTs for exact same reason, and the exact same features. If you look at a picture of any cop, EMT or firefighter, they all have the same kind of knife clipped to their pockets as well!!! I will try to include a picture of it.

So anyway, he pats me down and finds the knife clipped to my pocket, and exclaims, “Now your goin to jail!!”
“For what?”
“Carrying a concealed weapon!!”
“So that’s what your going with? I fucked up by not leaving my knife at home? That I carry? Everywhere I go???”
“That’s what your gonna use as an excuse to arrest me?”

By this time, several other cars showed up, and there were 4 or 5 cops around me. I asked Ogrady, “SO now I’m under arrest?” He said yes, and I said, “So then I have nothing further to say to you!” He said,
“Are you ok, you look like your having trouble standing, you smell like a brewery, and I smell Marijuana.” I

I was insulted that he was gonna try to claim I was intoxicated, which I think he said at one point. I was livid and trying to hold my tongue. He asked how much I had to drink tonight. I told him I had one beer with dinner. He asked if I had any weed on me, and how much I had to smoke. I replied, “Did you find any? NO? Then I don’t have any do I!?”

At this point he walks me over to the police car and starts to put me in the back. He starts to frisk me again and goes right for my wallet. Of course because identifying me is very important. They have to be able to tag and harass activists into stopping their activism right? Start a file on me right? So I say again, “I don’t consent to searches!” To which he replies, ” No one ever does.”

He puts me in the back of the police car. Not his, cause hes a K-9 cop, so he had the dog in the car. In his buddies car. He shuts the door and they go pow wow a minute. He comes back after I had already invoked my right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during questioning, and proceeds to ask more questions. I responded over and over again at this point, I have nothing to say to you! I have nothing to say to you without a lawyer!! I have nothing to say to you!!!!!!!!!!!!.

After the last one he stopped asking questions and they took me downtown. Downtown! haha. its not Cleveland! lol They took me to the Parma jail. They put me in a cell that smelled like piss, and I watched this lying pig, regaling his colleagues with his big arrest! Every cop that came in the room, he would tell what happened.

The room is sorta semicircled lung high countertop with the intake officers sitting on this side at a desk and the people comin in on the high side. So Im in the cell and he s telling his story. And every time he tells it, he is making a motion like hes holding a sign out over the road. And every time he tells the story, he’s reaching out further and further. Making it look like I was sticking the sign in front of the drivers faces! Like that would be even possible without getting run over!!!

So after about the third time, cause I’m staring right at his face looking him right in the eye for every minute of this bullshit, I yell out, “Your a fucking liar!!!! You piece of shit, you keep on exaggerating the story!!!! The truth is gonna come out in court bitch!!!” They basically ignore me tell me to pipe down. They don’t know who they got in there!!!!! lol I don’t pipe down. I keep yelling at him til I get it all out!

Then another officer comes from inside the jail and he’s tellin the story again. Only this time, he’s not using hand signals to describe it!! I hear the other cop ask, “How old is he??” As if to say, this guy is still protesting at his age?? (Its how I took it anyhow!) And they laugh a little when they realize im not some young punk! So I yell out, “Is there an age you stop fighting tyranny??!!”

What I get from him at that time is an unintelligible argument that starts by him saying how he fought for his country in Iraq, and don’t tell me about fighting tyranny until you stand in a forward unit. I fought for freedom he’s telling yelling at me at this point!! Which is interrupted by me yelling louder, you fought for oil you pussy!!! Aint nobody fought for freedom since WWII, and I even question that!!!

After a few minutes of back and forth on this subject, We go silent. He finishes the paperwork, and comes over to the cell and starts trying to talk quietly and personally with me. He starts with; “I just wanna explain my position to you. I fought for this country and I believe in your right to say what you want and that,” I interrupted him and said, ” You don’t have to explain your nothing to me! I don’t believe one fucking word that comes out of your mouth cause your a fucking liar!!

He then proceeds to tell me about how to get out of there. He says my bail is gonna be 800$, and that if I can have someone bring it down, I can get right out. At this point they let me out of the piss cell to go pee and use the phone. I turned to see above the cell I was in it said “Drunk tank” I laughed a little at that. lol I went piss, and used the phone to call my girlfriend, and see if she could get the money. She agreed and came down to pay. When she got there, they told her the bail was 8000$!!!!! So this fuck lied to me AGAIN!!!!!! She was not happy!!! She heard over the phone, cause I asked out loud what the bail was and she heard them say 800.

They started to do intake on me asking questions to which I was responding ” I refuse to answer til i talk to a lawyer. I refuse to answer til I see a lawyer” The poor guy filling out the forms was nobody in this giant machine, so I took pity on him after a few and started to answer. Questions like, have you ever thought about suicide? Ever want to blow up the white house? Dumb shit like that!!! They went to take my picture and I originally flipped em off, but the rookie gave me a “come one man” look and I relented! lol

I sat in the piss cell for a couple more hours while my girlfriend was bringing the money and all that. It was like 2 in the morning at this point. I had been taken in about 10. I had to piss myself, so I started asking to go. They changed the guards at this point so there was a woman intaking a prisoner. I said, “I gotta pee!!!” She said, “Were busy right now, Ill get to you in a minute.”

I really had to go so I asked again a few minutes later, and I had noticed there were 3 cops standing leaning on the semicircle counter top bullshittin. Again she said she was busy. I started to yell, “I GOTTA FUCKING GO!” She said, ” Go down the drain!” I yelled back, “WHY? SO YOU CAN CHARGE ME WITH SOMETHING ELSE??!! WHY CAN’T ONE OF THESE ASSHOLES HOLDING UP THE COUNTER LET ME GO??!!!

At that point I saw one of the assholes get mad in the eyes. He came over and jerked the cell door open and said, ” lets fucking go!!!” He took me, and I thought I was going to the same bathroom as before so as I started heading that way. Little angry man shoved me in the other direction. I almost lost my balance but being normally without the vertigo, so sure footed all my life, I got myself back up before I went down, and when I got up and stood up straight, I was kinda towering over angry little man, with a look like,” Go ahead mother fucker!! I need all the evidence I can get so I can sue you fucks when this is all over!!!!!!!!!!!”

Right then, a superior officer stepped between us, and directed me nicely to the bathroom with the shower. I didn’t know. I just wanted to pee. They wanted me to shower so they could put me in the jail coveralls, and put me in a bed til I could see the judge. I took a shower and came out to the superior officer, who asked if I ever been in jail before? I said I don’t have to answer that. He said he just wanted to know, so he knew how much he had to tell me about it. I said I got it dude! Don’t worry!! lol He put me in the cell and the light went out. The next day I woke to open door. And went outside and ate breakfast. Not that I ate much of their shitty food!! I just wanted to know when I could see the judge!!

This was September 20th I think. It was a Thursday, so luckily, I had in my mind that Id have chance to see a judge on Friday and ask that my bail be reduced to ROR. So I sat in the cell and was trying to contact my girlfriend and tell her to call a bondsman and all this. Eventually I saw the judge and convinced him that I have no record(in Ohio or within the last 22 years!! lol) and that trust me I WANT TO COME TO COURT AND PUT THIS LYIN ASS COP ON THE STAND!!!! the judge agreed I was no threat and let me go. My girlfriend picked me up and we went home.

So, a month goes by and I have to go to court. I have no idea how to get a lawyer or anything. I have no job now thanks to this, so I have to ask for a public defender. They have me fill out a financial indigent form. I do, and they approve it. Come back next month!

Another month goes by and its time to go back to court. I had gotten another job and had to take the day off to go to court. I told them why, and they told me not to come back. They didn’t need someone who was gonna be taking off to go to court for the next 6 months. O well, right?

So I go into court to meet with the public defender. He started right in on me about trying to take a plea. I started to tell him how I was innocent and I wasn’t takin no fuckin plea. This graduated into a shouting match between him and I. His name by the way is James Gallagher. He is the public defender for several courts in the area. Overworked, and not interested in every single case. A successful day for him was getting everyone to take a plea. Not an activist friendly guy.

As the shouting match continued, he began to tell me how he thought all his clients were guilty and then he took out the financial form and began questioning, in the third degree, about my income. To which I responded by asking him, “Are you gonna be my lawyer? or not? Because if not then my financials are none of your fucking business!!!! His response was to take the financial form back into the judge and have him have me fill it out again. I do, and since i have a job at the time, that I’m not eligible for the public defender. they said I wasn’t honest about my income on the form so fuck me right?

The problem was , I drive a truck. the questions on the form are how much do you make per hour. I don’t make an hourly. I get paid by the trip and the mileage. I had just started the job so I wasn’t sure how that would be breaking that down. I told the clerk about it and she said to just fill it out the best I could, so I tried to explain that on the form, and they accused me of lying on the form!! Then denied me access to the public defender. So the public defender, basically recused himself from the case by having me fill out the forms again. SCUMBAG THAT HE IS!!

So I went back in the court room and had to try to explain to an already pissed off judge, that I had to represent my self. He tried to talk me out of it and get me to hire a lawyer. Not having the resources and the fact that a lawyer would cost more than the fines levied, I told him I had no choice but to defend myself.

The Judge siad, ” You have a choice! You have a choice to hire a lawyer!” He was almost scolding at this point. I said, “Your honor. I have no choice because I am not financially able to hire a lawyer and you have denied me the public defender!” He said, “You have job” Or words to that effect. When I tried to explain about the job and the form and not being clear, i was cut off and he said to schedule the matter for pretrial, so I could talk to the prosecutor. I did and he wouldn’t listen to reason so we went back in the courtroom and the judge asked me, ” You couldn’t come to an agreement with the prosecutor? Did you have a chance to speak to him?” I said, I did, and he asked me, “Why don’t you just plead to a disorderly person charge and be done with this?” I said, “Your honor, if I was standing in the middle of the street drunk, I would believe me, but I did nothing wrong, so I can’t, in good conscience, take a plea for something I did not do!!!”

He said OK, Set it for trial. A couple months go by and I go back. Im going to trial, and the judge says, “Why didn’t you hire a lawyer?” I said because I lost my job because of this, and I can’t afford to. He then had me fill out the financial form again and reassigned the public defender. He asked why I hadn’t informed them of the lost job. I said I didn’t know. I said I thought you took it away, I didn’t think you’d give it back. He said”Well. Im sorry you don’t understand our system and that it’s above your comprehension, but fill the forms out again” I did and I went to talk to the public defender and he remembered the argument we had. We calmly talked about it, but I still didn’t trust him because of what he had said prior. He absentmindedly, I think, said that the judge was already annoyed at this case, or words to that effect, and I thought, “Is he pissed off because of me? Or is he pissed off that his officer put him in this position again?”

They set the matter back up for another day. I went home and started looking for free consultation lawyers. I found one name a Anthony Amato. I explained everything, and when I was explaining, i said, “I was cop blocking a checkpoint.” He said, “Whats that?” I explained and he chuckled. I said, ” I don’t know how to take that you find that funny?” He apologized and let me finished telling the story, interrupting occasionally, as lawyers to do, to find out if I was facing south north whatever.

In the explanation I told him, I was broke, and I needed someone to take the case pro bono, and that i wanted to fight until he told me he couldn’t win. I went to meet him at his office and we had a discussion about what happened and I introduced him to cop block. I showed him video I had taken before to demonstrate what exactly copblocking was. He seemed receptive to the idea. So I thought I found a winner!!

I showed him some picture s of the knife I had and he said, ” I don’t even know if that’s a weapon under the ordinance” He proceeded to look up the ordinance on his phone, but I had interrupted him to show the video, so he never, in my presence, finished looking it up. We ended the meeting and he said he’d look up the ordinance, and he’d see if the judge would reset it for pretrial, so he could try to file a motion to suppress. He said the public defender should have done that first thing. I told him about the shouting match and he said o I see.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, you only have so much time after you are arrested to file such a motion. Or so Amato said. Anyway, the judge, allowed it and a pretrial was set. I went back and he said the prosecutor was offering a disorderly as a plea bargain. I never heard anything the lawyer ever said to the prosecutor. I never heard any of the conversations at all. (For all I know, the prosecutor, public defender, and my lawyer were in the same room at any given time, and the prosecutor and the Public defender could have been talking shit about me to my lawyer, which influenced his decision to plea.) I told him no, and they set the matter for trial. We went back in a month and my lawyer said he was gonna talk to the prosecutor again, and came back with the same offer.

I told him. “I told you I am not taking a plea unless you tell me you can’t win!” He said, ” I can’t win! I m gonna lose a motion to suppress, so I cant win the case.” So I said take the deal then, but I don’t like it. I did nothing wrong and if I wanted to take a fuckin plea I could’ve done that myself months ago!!!!! He said he knew that but it was a loser.

We went to sit in the courtroom and wait to be called. Before we went in I wrote a whole statement I told the lawyer I wanted to read on the record. He told me not to read ALL that. To condense it down, because the judge wasn’t gonna let me read all that. I can’t have my say in court???? WTF???

So we’re sitting there and I ask him, “Whatever happened to when you said you didn’t know if the knife was a weapon under the ordinance?” So he began to look it up on his phone, and I m thinking, “We are in court for a trial? And he has to look this up on his phone?? Why doesn’t he know this already??? Is he not prepared for a trial??? Was the idea to get me to plea from the get go??? WHAT THE FUCK???” So he looks it up and says, ” To me that’s not a weapon…. Not in my opinion…” So I say, “SO WHY THE FUCK AM I TAKING A PLEA HERE??????”

ALL RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next thing I know I m taking a plea. I tried to plead no contest, which was my impression from the lawyer that I was to do. The judge says, “You can’t plead no contest you have to plead guilty” I turn to Amato and say What the fuck?? We never agreed to that?? I got a dumbfounded look. So I said fine guilty! I was so frustrated at this point! i could feel he was selling me out! Amato then said I wanted to say a few words.

I said”Your honor, I just wanna get it on record that I take this plea under protest. I did nothing wrong…” The judge then interrupted me and said, ” You did do something wrong!”
I said, “If you believe that bullshit police report!” He interrupted again and said, ” I believe it! I believe every word of this!” Then he started to read it aloud, and then, I tried to interrupt him to say that he hadn’t heard both sides of the story and how could he believe that when he doesn’t know the whole story.

I never got the chance. He read the verdict. and the sentence. I was condemned to 24 hours of community service in lieu of fines because I am still disabled and out of work, and with this disability, still unemployable!!

So Amato takes me downstairs to register for the community service, with me bitching in his ear the whole way!!! He sits me in front of a window and tells me he has to go. Just as I expect, when my name is called, there s a problem. All of a sudden I owe 300 dollars and not the community service. Amato was still there so he said, “Wait that s not right. He has community service.” They see the mistake and tell me I have to go to the probation window. Amato sits me down there and leaves.

The lady comes out the probation office and tells me I have to be on probation. I call Amato back and ask WTF??? Nobody said anything about probation!!! He tells me that he could come back and go back before the judge, but that the judge would only amend the sentence to include the probation. Frustrated with Amato and the whole process, I hung up on him, and I agree and sign probation papers, after a long discussion with the probation lady about my rights on probation, and do I lose the ability to own firearms, and do I lose the ability to vote, and am I subject to drug testing???

Side note here: I received a letter from the court in the mail today. Its now 36 hours community service!!! Whats it gonna be next week 42?????

She proceeds to tell me that he only reason I have to sign up for probation is cause that he way community service works. You have to, to be able to get community service as a sentence. She proceeds to tell me that even thought rules I have to initial and sign for state that I am NOT to possess firearms. That I am NOT use alcohol or drugs. (I’m 42 fuckin years old!! Im having a fuckin beer if I want!!!!) I am TO BE FULLY EMPLOYED OR LOOKING FOR WORK AND I HAVE TO PROVE IT!!!! I just told you Im disabled? She proceeds to tell me how they aren’t gonna be going after me about that stuff and that Im only on probation to complete community service, but I have to be on it 6 months regardless of weather I finish the community service or not!!! WTF????

I guess we’ll see how not strict they are about it when they raid my house and find our firearms!!!! Or when they want me to take a drug test right?????? Will keep you updated how that bullshit goes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another side note: When I was preparing my own defense. I filed a proper motion for discovery from the prosecutor. When I asked him for it, he said the tickets I recieved was all there was. No dashcam, no nothing else. I was like what about the knife? No reciept for it? Just take your word you have it still? that is hasn’t been lost? How do I know the officer is not using it right now and has claimed it was lost in evidence? My lawyer Anthony Amato was able to obtain a police report in his discovery. Why was I not privy to that as well? I will include a picture of the police report Ogrady filed on the matter. It paints me to be ranting and raving like a maniac about how I don’t acknowledgs the police authority, or the judges authority, and that I think Obams should die and all cops should die, and how I renounce the constitution. Any activist worth his salt, depends on his constitutional rights, regardless of volentaryist status! Why would I be giving it up, I was fucking depending on it!!!!!

Sidenote II: I was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, obstructing police business. As I understand for not providing ID, and disorderly. The officer made sure to make a note that I was intoxicated with no test to prove it!

SO after all is said and done, I start to think about all the events and everything. I have more fucking questions than answers.
1. How did my lawyer not know about the weapon ordinance before the trial??
2. Why did he take the case after I explained that I wanted to fight and I explained the whole story?
3. Why did my lawyer not know about the stories I found about the Ogrady prior to the start of him appearing before the court?
4. Why did my lawyer not think those reports would be good to use in court? One describes officer Ogrady , violating the 4th amendment on another person by entering her house without a warrant and with out probable cause.
5.How can a judge make statement that he believes the police report, without hearing both sides, when a plea bargain was taking place?
6. How can a public defender recuse himself by making a defendant fill out a financial form again??
7. This cop apparently was fired before for misconduct. How does he get back on the force???
8. How can a judge read a sentence then amend it after the trial is over and the sentence read, then charge more hours 3 weeks later?
9. Why is there no recourse for me about not recieveing proper discovery?
10. Why was the judge upset about the case about? Me or the cop? And what did Amato hear about that?
11. How the officer charge that I am intoxicated without giving at least a breath test to confirm it?

I contend the officer had no PC to approach me in the first place. I have videos taken after the fact that show interactions with 2 other separate Parma officers, in which they also manufactured probable cause, because by the video, you can see I was doing nothing wrong to have to ID myself to them, yet they insisted. Rather than go to jail again, i complied under protest, as is evidenced on the video. To me this shows that officer Ogradys actions are the rule, not the exception. Amato didn’t think so, unless the video was of officer Ogrady. I have also after the fact, witnessed Ogrady speeding up State rd heading towards Pleasent Valley road. We were in the left lane behind someone, doing the speed limit, and he came up the right lane beside us and hit the gas and got it up to like 50 60. The speed limit is 35!! And he passed us on the right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he left his dog in the car while he was in a store getting his taxes done. He left his car running for the AC for the dog. I took a short video of the car running to show his disregard for the taxpayers dime filling his gas tank!!!

While I appreciate the AC for the dog, why is he getting his taxes done on the clock? After I took the video, he came out and took the dog out of the car and walked him. Trying to identify the person who was taking the video. Someone was sitting outside, and Im sure the little rat told him I took a video of his car and what I said about it on the video. Which was that he left the car running wasting taxpayer money on gas while he’s inside!!

I think this shows another pattern of this officers total disregard for the people hes sworn to serve, and the constitution he’s sworn to uphold!!!!!!!

If there are any lawyers out there ready and willing for this type thing, I would like to appeal, get this shit out and exposed!!!!!!!!

Among others. But these are most important to me!!!!



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