Sleeping Man Awakened, Only To Be Executed By Off Duty Officer

by Dustin McCaskill

An Olathe, Kansas man was killed by an off duty police officer working security at a concert in Oklahoma City, officials say.   Two off duty police officers were patrolling the parking lot when they found a sleeping man inside his vehicle.  Officials say the off duty officers noticed Billy Simms Jr. had a pistol in his waistband.  The officers immediately drew their weapons on the sleeping man.  A witness says the officers woke Simms Jr.  up by yelling “Freeze!”  After Simms Jr. had been awakened by the armed men pointing guns in his face, Simms Jr.  replied “F**k  you!”.  At that moment off duty Oklahoma City officer, Paul Galyon fired eight rounds into Simms Jr.’s body, killing him instantly.   Oklahoma is an open carry state so officers would need probable cause to draw their weapons on any individual carrying a weapon.  The other off duty officer did not discharge his weapon at the scene.  Officer Paul Galyon is currently on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal and criminal investigations.

(Photo) Officer Paul Galyon


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