Pamela Held says NYPD employee Sean Christian kept nude pics from her phone after traffic stop

Pamela Held glanced up at her rearview mirror and saw red and blue flashing lights.

“What did you do?” asked her friend sitting shotgun.

“Nothing – I have no clue what this is about” Held replied.

Before too long five road pirates had surrounded the vehicle. “Where are you coming from? they demanded.

Held indicated they they had left a friend’s place and offered as evidence to Sean Christian of the NYPD outfit her cellphone and password.

Held was then caged because she was found with a substance some of Christian’s colleagues said she could not have.

Three hours later Held was released from the confines of the cage and given back her property. As she left the gang’s compound, Christian stalked her. Held recalls:

He was telling me I’m a beautiful girl and I need to stop hanging out with the wrong people

pamela-held-sean-christian-nypd-copblockHeld – who obviously didn’t feel safe in the presence of someone who already proved to be an aggressor – left the area. Shortly after she looked at her phone. From the

She counted 20 nude photos and five sexy videos of her that had been forwarded to the phone number. Fearing the worst, she contacted lawyer Richard Soleymanzadeh, whose private investigator traced the mystery number on Held’s phone to Christian and learned he was a cop.

Christian – at least if what Held says happened is accurate – is not just stealing her coin to “protect” her, but also violating her privacy to a severe degree.

One must also realize that, for arguments sake, even if Held’s claims about Christian are not true – one cannot argue against the fact that Held’s freedom of travel was prevented and her person caged for actions that caused no victim.

At most Held had failed to pay a ransom said to be owed at a regular frequency and she had a substance that some other strangers claimed the right to prohibit. What right did Christian or any of his comrades have to treat her as such?

Would you ever do that to someone?

Sean Christian, is an enforcer for the largest gang in NYC – the 35,000-strong NYPD, which shakes-down inhabitants of close to 4,000,000,000FRNs/year. Christian works out of the outfit’s
104th Precinct
(718) 386-3004

Held is collaborating with Richard Soleymanzadeh to try to obtain justice through legaland.




Blond beauty set to sue NYPD over sexy photos swiped from iPhone the by &

Woman, 27, to sue NYPD after police officer ‘stole nude photos from her iPhone that she took for her boyfriend’ at the DailyMail by Suzannah Hills

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