Stuck Between a Rock and a Badge – A Desperate Call For Help

Exhausted‘ shares a personal story, and asks for some advice on the matter.

I live in a reasonably small town of about 5,000 in New Hampshire. Not much goes on here, but we find ways to spend our time.

Recently, my brothers and I have been hanging out together at my Grandmother’s house swimming and relaxing during the overwhelming heat. We mind our own business and often have a group of 6-10 of us playing around on any given night.

Issues started last week when my cousin (let’s call him Sociopath) and his friends, as well as his father (Drunkard) and Step-mother (Two-Face), started harassing us without any provoking on our part.

The first night, Drunkard got into an altercation with one of my brothers (#2…I’m #1) in the road (town-owned) over Sociopath running over a mailbox on my grandmother’s property. It ended in #2 being slapped by Drunkard without any retaliation and we left…should have reported it but we wanted to ignore it.

The second night, Drunkard and Sociopath attempted to pick a fight with another brother of mine (#3), but to their dissapointment, #3 had enough intelligence to leave without being sucked into a fight.

The third night, Sociopath and his wife drove by my Grandmothers threatening us and yelling swears to us all. We ignored him and figured that may be the end of it.

The fourth night, last night, Sociopath and 5 or 6 of his buddies drove by again throwing swears at us and threatening us all. This time we had kids and our girlfriends present so we called our local PD. Three officers showed up; one from our PD, one from another town and one state. Statements were taken from all of us (10 of us) and then the officers went to Sociopath’s house to question them. Upon his return 2 hours later, he informed us that no arrests would be made, but that he would sort through statements and press charges on all parties who were accused of something, meaning we would be charged too even though we didn’t so much as look in their direction. Just this morning we found that the fence at my grandmother’s property was smashed with a vehicle last night after the police left. We did take the opportunity to ask about some laws and rules that might help us out. For example, I asked about the stand your ground rules and was quickly informed by the officer that that law was repealed and I would go to jail if I fought back, regardless of who started it. Finding that curious, I did some research and have come up with the results that the law is still in effect.

The questions I have for all of you who may be able to shed some light on the subject is:

1) Where can I find this law so that I can determine once and for all if it is in place or not?

2) What should I do if this persists and the police do not respond accordingly? I fear for the safety of everyone involved. This Sociopath is to the point where I could write a 100 page essay on the things he has done to people in his lifetime ranging from pedophilia (convicted) to arson (he was a minor) to leveraging money by use of threats to attempted vehicular homicide via running people off the road.

3) Is there anywhere we can turn that doesn’t involve the local PD (good buddies of his) or even the ‘staties’?

4) What are my rights in protecting not only my property and myself, but my girlfriend, my brothers, their grilfriends and all of our friends and family? I legitimately fear for everyone’s safety and yet when these people were reported before, the police did nothing and when they were brought to court before, the police would somehow always ‘lose’ their paperwork and so the courts always acquitted.

Please if there is someone out there who can provide advice or help, let me know as I would greatly appreciate some outside opinions before this escalates from extremely dangerous to deadly.


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