(Video) Do Waukesha WI Police Prey on Carroll University/College Students?


From Tim of YouTube channel MilwaukeeCitizenPress:

According to Wikipedia, Carroll University, formerly known as Carroll College, was founded in 1841 which is 7 years prior to the founding of what is now known as the State of Wisconsin.

Thousands of young people come to the city I live in yearly to be educated and to experience their first few years of adulthood. Carroll is a private and quite expensive college (compared to my Alma Mater UW-Whitewater) which boasts, according to Forbes, a ranking of 175 out of the top 600 colleges in America.

This video, I believe, indicates just how far Waukesha PD is willing to go in order to justify their salary. Were these cops trying to determine if this man was a thief…a rapist…a serial killer? No. I believe these cops were trying to destroy this young man’s life and eventual career by trying to find a bag of weed or a small bottle of liquor possessed by an underage individual who intended to go back to his dorm and safely enjoy being young.

Waukesha Police: Please stop harassing young people for simply being young…

Feel free to contact Waukesha PD (non emergency line) 262-524-3831.










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