Kidnapped, Given Medical Treatment Against Will

Daniel shared the following post about his police encounter in Boyd, Texas via’s ‘submit‘ page.

Hi. At the moment, I’m at my computer in the DFW. But, last Tuesday, the 23rd of July, I had been running a riding lawn mower out at my grandparent’s property. In Texas, the heat is insane and I got a little dehydrated, so we decided to get on home. It’s about an hour from his land to our house. Well, the ride wasn’t doing me any good so I decided I needed to pull over and that lunch was coming up. A local police officer noticed this and approached me. I explained that I was just over-worked and needed a little time to get this over, then I’d be heading home. He said that he was calling a medic. I replied, “No sir, it’s not necessary,” but he stated that it was policy.

When they got there, I continued to say I didn’t need any medics and that I wanted to just go home. They said, “Can we just get some vitals, then if you still don’t want help you can go.” I replied that I didn’t want their help and just wished to go home. I was a little weak and not in a place to physically fight with them. They forced me on a gurney and said it would take only one minute. They put me in the back of the ambulance as I was still protesting it. At one point, I yelled stop. They did. I said I wanted them to unstrap me and to let me go. They refused. I said, “Please, you’re kidnapping me.”

The officer that had stopped first got in the back. I asked him to please tell them to let me go, that I wasn’t in need of the medics. He told me that I was either going with them or I was going to jail in handcuffs. When I asked him why, he said something along the lines of not following a peace officer’s request. I protested more as they strapped me fully down and drove off, not telling my wife or grandpa where they intended to take me. As they sped away, my wife ended up losing sight of them and had to call around to find me. Still protesting in the back of the ambulance, they were sticking an IV in me and injecting me with – well, I don’t even know what it was. I finally got away when we got to the hospital,  because the nurses couldn’t understand how I’d ended up there if I refused the ride and refused medical treatment.

I was wondering what your thoughts would be on this matter. This all happened in Boyd, Texas, which is in Wise County. The officer was Officer Compton. If and when I get more details, I will share them.



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