Excessive Police Behavior

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I was recently in a run-in with local police officer, Robert Westfall of the Toms River, NJ police department. This lovely relationship began close to two years ago when my then-3-year-old, daughter and I were struck by a vehicle while on a walk. The driver was clearly in the wrong, considering pedestrians have the right of way in NJ. The woman also admitted to “not seeing” us. This officer was extremely rude to me, telling me to “shut up,” among other things. Then, just yesterday, a family member was driving my vehicle and it turns out they had a revoked license. This officer insisted on towing and impounding my truck, even though it was in my driveway at the time. This officer has began sitting at the end of my street and waiting for me. He has made it his personal mission to stalk me and use his badge to create a sense of fear. He is the type of police officer that makes you think twice about calling the police when you need them. He told me yesterday that I need to”keep my mouth shut or else.”



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