Flyer for “Sobriety Checkpoints” or Other

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As long as the “police” exist, by their very nature, it is inherently IMPOSSIBLE for them to be fully accountable. Being funded by taxation, they are NEVER financially accountable.

The only way we will achieve a full respect of property rights and have full accountability is by having competing private defense associations, which are merely one component of our end goal: a completely voluntary (anarchic) society.

Nothing short of anarchy will suffice. “Government” doesn’t exist in reality – only in the minds of the people. Therefore, “government” must be eradicated in the consciousness of the population through various mediums of education.

This is why I thought it was essential for the flyer to flow into private security firms. If one’s true goal is police accountability, then one MUST have the privatization of security as their end goal also as a necessary implication.

DUI Handout by CopBlock

-Sav Dee


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