Waco, TX Police Search Apartment Complexes, For A ‘Crime Prevention and Safety Inspection’

Joe submitted the following post written by Cassius Methyl at Intellihub.com on August 5, 2013.

The rights guaranteed by the constitution are being trampled on more, while the public will not stand up yet and demand their rights be returned.

At the Sanger Oaks apartments and other apartment communities in Waco Texas, police officers are participating in a nazi-like ‘Crime Free Housing’ program, where they search apartments, check safety features to make their presence seem necessary, and trample people’s rights while carefully making it seem as if they are doing someone a service. It seems clear that everywhere in the US, the police, agencies of government, DHS, DOJ, DOD, CIA, all of those unnecessary gangs, will expand their powers more and more.

Not much is known about this program, no one else is reporting on this. Some Police departments such as the NYPD, or Texas police, seem to be a bit worse than other police in America. Texas police often make their militarized presence more known, showing up in helicopters to high schools for ‘drills’, basically doing more and more to make their intrusions a common and acceptable thing. I am mentioning this specifically so this does NOT become an ordinary thing, as it violates the Fourth Amendment. It is detrimentally abusive to the peace and privacy of all of us.

The constitution might as well be dead at this point, IF people keep being this lazy. The truth is, we will be left with no rights, and these people with badges will do whatever they wish. Those with badges who claim power given to them by the most intense criminals, the government, congress, the president. Of course, above them, the wealthiest people and the true rulers reign, and the politicians serve as an enforcement mechanism now, for the interests of the corporate elite, and other people who are arguably in control.

To really see the big picture, i am now talking about the entire situation Americans like me are in now, past this one instance of our right to privacy being trampled. Every communication we send is being recorded and analyzed. All of us are being treated like criminals, and the police state is going after people who use substances, don’t have ‘state licenses’, and do not commit ‘crimes’ with victims. Not only that, but they are going after peaceful people, with militarized force and equipment.

If you live in Texas, maybe you should protest this in some way. The Fourth Amendment is very clear, and this is a violation of it.



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