Call Flood: Police slaughter dog

Adam posted this using our Quick Hits feature the other day:

This is one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen. Two Missouri Police officers are attempting to capture a dog that is leashed to a truck. The dog lays down at one point in the video and throughout is anything but vicious. As soon as one of the officers gets the dog on the pole it takes off, presumably, scared. Words cannot explain what happens next, start video at 4:40 mark.

These officers shouldn’t be allow to serve the community if they can’t get a dog under control without using force. What is it with Missouri police shooting dogs? Is there some sort of dog phobia in Missouri I don’t know about? If I lived there I’d be keeping my dog as far away from police as possible. They’re fucking monsters.

I figured I would re-post it to the main feed because I located the contact information for the police department these cops work for. If this video disgusts you as much as it did me, give the Lagrange police a call at 573-655-4611 and let them know about your feelings. You could also try calling City Hall or signing this petition which a Cop Block supporter linked us to.

The police chief is–surprise, surprise–defending the actions of these officers, claiming that they “they did what they had to do,” but he should know better. Let’s make sure they don’t get off the hook for this senseless act of violence.



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  • I just called and told the dispatcher that he and the other thugs should be real proud of themselves.

    Notice how the dog is wagging its tail just before they shoot it a second time?

    What disgusting thugs.

  • Mom with a gun

    I noticed he could have just stood on the pole or asked for the other officer to help him to get the dog to where they needed. There was no containment available which tells me the intention may have been to euthanize on the spot. The white sheet was available for after they killed it so their intention is fairly obvious.

  • Chris Mallory

    That was certainly vomit inducing. One of the many reasons why I don’t shed a tear when I read of a cop getting what he is due.

  • i didn’t watch it. you see, i am a dog lover. and i am human lover. but i am a cop hater. also a bully hater. watching this video would be bad for me because i don’t have the opportunity to release the hate that it would rise up in me. i thank god i don’t live in Missouri. i would be arrested for murder if i did.

    i will include this article on my “Cop Hating Sundays” tomorrow.

    i got to get up and walk the hatred of cowardly cops that’s washed over me, and i didn’t even watched the video.

  • So sad, I hate this for the loving person who lost their pet! Do we know why this went down? Fuck the police, they are out of control

    Information like this and more that the media not dare share at and of facebook at

    Understanding the truth will open your eyes and help you prepare for the events yet to come. “We ain’t seen nothing yet”

  • Canadian Girl

    My stomachs turning, my hands are shaking, my face is cringing, I feel a deep sense of dread, and fear, how am I supposed to watch this? I don’t think I can do it, if I don’t, I can pretend he isn’t dead. He looks so helpless, trusting, like he needs to know he’ll be alright. I can only look at the front picture. No more for now.

  • Donald

    This is why I don’t give a fuck about so called officer safety. I put the life of the worst dog ahead of the life of the best cop.

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  • joe

    This makes the cops look real bad….. If a cop ever needs my help ,

    too bad…. he won’t get it…

  • Kristina

    Honestly we don’t know why the police were sent out there in the first place. The dog did freak out once they had him collared…but the cop didn’t shoot him until he was calm. Maybe this dog had been violent with someone before the police arrived. Maybe there was some other reason they had to shoot the dog. We are all quick to judge but the cop that shot the dog did not look happy about having to shoot it. If he was doing it maliciously there would have been joking around and a general jovial attitude. What I saw in the cops face was almost depression at having to shoot the dog. I would be interested to find out what the original call was for…because right now this video is out of context yet all people are seeing is a cop shooting a dog that seems to be non-violent. You are assuming before you see or hear all the facts. Give me more information and then I will judge.

  • I didnt watch it either, but couldnt agree more with the general sentiments here, the best thing that could have have happened to this filth is that the owner turn up and savagely and cruelly execute these disgusting pleading cowardly excuses for homo sapiens.

    if i’d been i’d have more than happily done it myself and slept soundly that night knowing the world was a better place for it.

    I can only hope someone like me knows these fuckers and what goes around does come around.

  • “The more I get to know my fellow man, the more I love my Dog” – attributed to many, including Mahatma Gandhi

  • joe

    What a fu3king moron that cop is.

  • pwhalen

    Those not so manly men were afraid of that dog right from the beginning. The officer had that dog under control. He should be charged with animal cruelty and removed from the police force. And made to pay restitution to the dogs owner.

  • mpolzkill

    Not seeing any cop-lovers (mindless authority-lovers) here. Maybe “Mom With a Gun”. This is the town’s euthanasia program in action? No, I don’t think that it is.

  • Utterly revolting.

  • Jenn

    Honestly, it just seems police go out looking for trouble to make, rather than solving problems. They are such a drain on society.

  • Andy


  • Kevin Benko

    I didn’t watch the video.
    Just the brief description of the event angered me.

    When we, as humans, have a pet, I claim that there is an unspoken agreement that we will look after and protect that pet. While spouses, children, and some friends are higher in the hierarchy than pets, the pet is still afforded a place in our lives such that we should, ethically, protect that pet.

    Some people are willing to die for their families.
    Are some people willing to die for their pets?

    More importantly, though:
    Is one willing to kill for their family?
    Or their pet?

  • reuben

    Hey neighbors. The time for grieving is over and now is the time to make sure this dog didn’t die in vain. Maybe it was to give us that last push towards real action? Here are the people you need to call and berate about this. The shooter, Doug Howell is no longer listed in the directory, though he is still listed as an officer on the same site, different page. Then, share this information with your friends and let them know what happened. Encourage them to call LaGrange too, as well as all attorneys general relevant. We can all fume, but can we all pick up our phones too?

  • reuben

    and the thug-frequencies for anyone who lives in the area…

  • Cops just like to exceed and exert their power by controlling and harming lives at every opportunity.

  • David C.

    Shooting an animal (properly) is as fast and painless as any method of euthanasia, and if the dog was going to be euthanized anyway then there’s no special horror here. Millions are put down annually.

    Unfortunately, we have no idea if the cops were there just bullying people (i.e. the dog’s owner) or not. Instead, we have yet another instance where it looks like the cops engaged in gratuitous slaughter of a pet, something well documented in case after case across the country because shooting people’s dogs is part of their IDIOTIC standard procedures.

    It makes me wonder just how STUPID are people who go into so-called “law enforcement?” Do they not realize that if they succeed in alienating the citizenry who pays their damned salaries they will at best be unemployed? At worst they may find that the hazards of their job skyrocket with either the non-support or active antagonism by Joe Citizen.

    Once again it seems that stupid people conclude that the power of the badge makes public relations and “customer service” irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth, and police training needs to radically change and recognize this fact.

  • Wow

    LaGRANGE, Mo. (WGEM) — The LaGrange Police Department is defending the actions of its officers highly criticized by the community after a video surfaced on YouTube and Facebook showing its officers shooting an American Bulldog in the head.

    LaGrange Police Chief Dale McNelly told WGEM News the two officers involved in the shooting of the dog are not currently facing any citations, but said the St. Louis Humane Society is conducting their own investigation and the police will be undergoing retraining to learn how best to handle future situations.

    (See ‘LaGrange police criticized for dog shooting video’)

    McNelly defended his officers actions and says that shooting the dog was a necessary last resort.

    “They had a difficult situation,” McNelly said. “And really it’s hard to say and second guess when you’re not there. And I believe they did what they had to do and I’m going to stand behind them on that point.”

    Chief Dale McNelly says his officers we’re forced to shoot the American Bulldog owned by Marcus Mays because the dog was being aggressive and wouldn’t cooperate.

    “We don’t have an option to let the dog go if it’s an aggressive or vicious dog and if we can’t load it or get it somewhere where we can put it in confinement, then we have to handle the call right there.”

    He also says the YouTube video doesn’t paint a true picture of what happened, including the dog acting aggressively towards officers during an attempt to load the dog into the truck. He said the dog was also acting aggressively off camera.

    “A lot of the aggressiveness from what I saw, part of it was off camera,” McNelly said.

    McNelly says shooting an animal is a last resort, he called the officers animal lovers and said they were upset with what they felt they had to do.

    “You know, I’m not saying it’s a perfect scenario because we don’t ever want to go around shooting people’s pets and that’s not what we’re about,” McNelly said. “What we do is we have to control the situation at the time.”

    While neither of the officers involved has been reprimanded, a full investigation of their actions is underway.

    “What we’re asking the Humane Society of the State of Missouri to do, to come in and scrutinize what we’ve done to make sure what we’ve done is what had to be done at the time.”

    The owner of the dog, Marcus Mays, appeared in court Thursday on a citation of not having his animal properly restrained and not having his animal registered. He was found guilty of both charges and now faces a fine.

  • Jenn

    David C.,

    Unfortunately, I do not think it is the case that if police alienate their citizenry, they will be fired. What happens, and has continued to happen, is the more fear and trouble they create, the more they are able to say, “see? society is so dangerous! You need us! Give us a raise!”

    The fact that taxes are forced, means that it is very difficult to get rid of police, no matter how badly they treat people. So they are not in fact stupid, they are just disincentivized to behave better and serve people because there’s no need to. If they screw up, they get some paid leave, get a mild talking-to, take some flak from the media, and that’s it.

  • mpolzkill

    There is a special horror here, David C, that’s why you had to add “properly”. There’s also a special horror in a society with so many blinkered individuals that millions of healthy dogs must be put down every year.

  • Mark

    That was some amazing “photoshoping” a video. I know a U.S. cop could not do that.



  • missourigal

    shame on the lagrange police for sghooting an innocent dog,i,ve filed a formal complaint against the department with the national humane society!!!!! i hope the shooter is prosecuted!!!!! and put behind bars where he can never hurt another animal again.

  • missourigal

    don cibert,i,m ashamed that your name is cibert,you make the cibert,siebert,seibert name look bad!!!!!!! shame on you!!!!!!!! and your department!!!!!

  • missourigal



  • pw

    Has anyone seen the earlier video. This makes it much worse! Why not put the dog right into the patrol car. The officer was walking the dog away from the home on the leash.

  • missourigal

    P.E.T.A. has sent my email to them to the proper authorities,those officers will be dealt with.i called their police department in lagrange to file a complaint.i fear for the safety of the wives of those officers! they may try and do the same thing to them.

  • missourigal

    david cibert if you are a cousin to my siebert,seibert cibert,ciebert family i have now officially disowned you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missourigal
  • missourigal

    i,ve started a group missourians against shooting of family pets please come and join this needs to be stopped,we need to stop predator killer cops! from shooting family pets.

  • Itaichi

    i honestly vomited after i watched it. It’s awful that people do things like that

  • missourigal

    david cibert you are disgusting,you make the cibert seibert,siebert name look bad,you make me sick!!!!!

  • missourigal

    you make me want to throw up!

  • missourigal



  • missourigal


  • Nero

    I think some people here are over reacting. I hate this as much as the other person (and i think these two men are sick fuckers) but i don’t think the entire police force is corrupt.

    This was an isolated incident of two moronic police officers doing something sick and wrong, but I think its also moronic and wrong to punish the whole police force (who do a lot more good than bad). They save lives people, don’t deny it.

    Also, creating police hating groups and groups against shooting family pets (along with calling them predator cops) seems a little over the top. THEY were stupid, THE FORCE was not.

    Anyways, trying not to be biased her. I don’t condone this at all and I think that police officer (and his buddy) should do time for killing that scared animal, but I don’t think there’s any reason to get overly worked up over it.

  • Dr. Q

    Nero, the police chief publicly defended these monsters and refused to discipline them in any way. That’s at least three bad cops on the force, not two.

    And what kind of message do you think the chief’s actions send to the rest of the force? He’s basically telling them that they have free reign to commit whatever crimes they want, that even if they are caught on video, they will not be punished in the same way that you or I would.

  • missourigal

    as far as i,m concerned the whole police force in that town is corrupt!

  • missourigal

    i want them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!!! if it means that they have to spend time in prison so be it!!!!! atleast they won,t be out on the streets hurting or killing another family pet again.they are nothing but killer rogue cops! and animal abusers! i bet they do the same thing to their wives! to the women in lagrange! please becareful of the so called men that you are with,i have to label them on the same level as joran vandersloot,he has been labeled as a psycopath,most psycopaths will take their frustrations out on women and on animals.most psycopaths have psycotic tendencies.please,i,m just asking you as the wives and or girlfriends of these rogue cops to becareful of them.if they can shoot a family pet in cold blood i shutter to think what else they are capable of.just my honest humble opinion!

  • Disgusted in Missouri

    Call Mark Campbell the City Administrator at 573-655-4301

  • missourigal

    i already have!

  • appaled

    This is my take on the video. If the dog had to be shot why didn’t the officer go for a kill shot the first time? To me this seems to be animal cruelty plain and simple. Let this officer try some crap like this with me. I will defend my family. And yes my dog is part of the family.

  • missourigal

    because he thinks he is a big man because he shot a dog twice at close range in cold blood! to me that is murder and that rogue cop is a psycopath.most psycologists will tell you that these killer cops have psycopathic tendencies,to me anyone who would shoot a dog twice in cold blood is dangerous to society and to animals and should be taken off the streets and put where he and his fellow rogue cops can,t hurt animals and people ever again.

  • missourigal

    i,m asking for an investigation by the federal bureau of investigation!

  • missourigal

    Employees By Rank

    -Mc Nelly, Dale Chief

    -Cibert, Don Lt
    -Powell, Jason Officer
    -Howell, Doug Officer
    -Hydorn, Shawn Officer

    -Kirkpatrick, Rodger Officer
    -Kirtlink, Shane Officer
    -Kaylor, Jamie Office Manager / Dispatcher

  • missourigal

    doug howell was the shooter of the dog cammie,shawn hydorn helped

  • missourigal

    they all were on scene when it all went down.i hope they all are charged with felony animal abuse,and animal neglect,and firing a weapon withinside city limits which is also a felony! and what they did was felony animal torture! they violated missouri state statute on animal abuse! which is a felony class D felony! punishable up to five years in prison and a hefty $5,000 dollar fine.or both consecutively!

  • missourigal

    U.S. v. Stevens, Animal Cruelty, and Proposed Legislation Criminalizing Sales of Animal Crush VideosThe U.S. criminal code, at 18 U.S.C. 48, imposed a fine and potential imprisonment for five years for anyone who “knowingly creates, sells, or possess a depiction of animal cruelty with the intention of placing that depiction in interstate commerce or foreign commerce for commercial gain.” Exceptions were provided for a depiction that has “serious religious, political, scientific, educational, journalistic, or artistic value

    A depiction of animal cruelty was defined as “any visual or auditory depiction, including any photograph, motion-picture film, video recording, electronic image, or sound recording of conduct in which a living animal is intentionally maimed, mutilated, tortured, wounded, or killed, if such conduct is illegal under Federal law or the law of the State in which the creation, sale, or possession takes place, regardless of whether the maiming, mutilation, torture, wounding, or killing took place in the State.”

    The 1979 Missouri case of State v. Coplin, in which an animal owner was convicted of beating a dumb animal, would presumably be covered under “animal abuse.” The abuse statute defines five different categories, any one of which constitutes animal abuse:Intentionally or purposely kill[ing] an animal in any manner not allowed by or expressly exempted from the provisions of [this act];Purposely, intentionally or recklessly caus[ing] injury, suffering, or pain to an animal;Abandon[ing] an animal in any place without making provisions for its adequate care;Overwork[ing] or overload[ing] an animal, or driv[ing] or work[ing] an animal unfit to work; orHaving ownership or custody of an animal, willfully fail[ing] to provide adequate care or adequate control.
    578.012. Animal abuse–penalties1. A person is guilty of animal abuse when a person:(1) Intentionally or purposely kills an animal in any manner not allowed by or expressly exempted from the provisions of sections 578.005 to 578.023 and 273.030, RSMo;(2) Purposely or intentionally causes injury or suffering to an animal; or(3) Having ownership or custody of an animal knowingly fails to provide adequate care or adequate control.
    2. Animal abuse is a class A misdemeanor, unless the defendant has previously plead guilty to or has been found guilty of animal abuse or the suffering involved in subdivision (2) of subsection 1 of this section is the result of torture or mutilation, or both, consciously inflicted while the animal was alive, in which case it is a class D felony.

  • missourigal

    think you,re a big man huh shawn hydorn ans doug howell? you teo make me sick!!!! alonmg with your lt don cibert!!!!!!

  • missourigal

    i just contacted senator claire mcaskill and my congressman,i intend to get something done and put a stop to what these killer rogue cops did to cammie,justice for cammie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • george

    next cop i see might get punched in the face

  • Dex

    So without any information other then the video everyone makes their comments! Did the owner show up and request the dog to be put down? Does the animal have a history of attack and was to be put down anyway? Was it pre authorized for the dog to be put down? No one knows but everyone loves to put their bleeding heart opinion on here about “animal abuse.” Animial abuse is very different then officers allowed to put down a vicisious animal. Without knowing the history of what happened before everyone one on here with the bleeding heart it’s all the police fault are only speaking out of their ass. Everyone makes their arm chair Monday morning “I would have done this” even though you have ZERO training because I know better. What a joke!

  • Henry Bowman


    Tell me, Dex, exactly what context would it be acceptable for a CopThug to have acted in this way; to have put the animal down?

    Cities, states, counties, municipalities have *rules* for the conditions under which a critter is to be “put down” (killed), and these things are generally carried out by animal control people.

    So, Dex, give me a proper context for this crappy behavior by a CopThug. The CopThug obviously had absolutely no training of any sort in dealing properly with critters, so he was *clearly* not qualified, by any stretch of the imagination, to have killed someone’s pet.

    Given today’s technology, the CopThugs had better get a clue, soon, and realize that there is a very real potential for every single minutia of an action they perform while on the job will be recorded and scrutinized.

    Sorry, all you people who suck pig-d!ck, technology has given *everyone* the very real ability to police the police… be careful, because if you CopThugs screw up, the video may be on the television within hours.

  • missourigal

    dex is probably a screen name and not one of the cops real names,that shot the dogs.just by this supposed dex,s post tells me he was one of the swat thugs that shot and killed the whitworth dogs.or he is one of the lagrange cops that killed cammie!!!! i hope the dogs come back to haunt you dex or whom ever you are!!!!!!

  • missourigal

    anyone who shoots and kills a family pet is a scumbag!!!!!!

  • Bradford Hutchingson

    Objective facts: At all times in the video, the dogs’ tail is loose, limp, & hanging down. This is a sign of some fear, and more, submission. Look at the dogs ears. Not back as they would be if the dog were violent, but again, relaxed. THIS DOG IS A HARMLESS PET. Even after getting shot, the dog is still WAGGING ITS’ TAIL!…Trying to find some compassion. Yes, 2 of the stupidest, sicko cops I hope I never see in person. If I were a K-9 officer, I might be crying at the sheer stupidity & piss-poor training of these BOZO-COPS! Shameful. But, thanks for the video. I would rather know. ~bradford.

  • Tina Miller

    I find it totally unacceptable for any human to behave this way! The dog was in no way aggressive! Did they once make an attempt to befriend the dog as the ASPCA Agents do? No, instead they act like the prick’s that they are! Forceful Jerks…..I hope they lost their jobs and are never allowed to work for any city again! They don’t even deserve to pick up garbage! Takes a BIG MAN to shoot a helpless dog!

  • Bradford Hutchingson

    UPDATE: 01/24/2011: Bunch of cops got shot recently… is calling it “War on Cops”…Very sad…BUT!…shooting pet dogs, as in the video here, is exactly what folks are finally fighting back against…You cops *ASKED* for what you’re getting…Hope you’re happy…i’m sad, sad, sad…Pay-back is a bitch, huh, cops???…

  • Cory

    Why I’ll bet when shooter got home to wifey he bragged about how he had to p’otect his pardner from a big ol’ giant beast of a dawg. “That thang was loose and all and jist came runnin’ at us!”
    I hope wifey surfs the web .

  • doc.

    I was upset when I saw the video unfortunately calling lewis county e911 and spouting off at the dispatchers does no good. they are not in control of the under trained p.d. officers (some of who have a small man complex). I know all the peeps involved and think better training for the officers (that appered in scared shitless in the video) would be great. The “the loving owner” of the late dog Is a drug dealer and complete piece of walking shit. I believe he is now in prison on a federal weapons charge. I don’t think he gave two shits about the dog, sad really. I have to live in LaGrange and hate it! Cops, Druggies,casino and all!

  • Jack

    You Can be outraged, but cops can kill your pets… They do it all the time, check out the Internet…It is nationwide….

  • TomGreen

    If you don’t value animals, you don’t value people.

    Does any sensible person expect a dog to be happy about being incompetently collared and neck noosed?

    I can see why the police department admitted it needs more training.

    My own animal is a rescue, previously from such a home as this one,
    previously afraid of what was happening in his life, and similarly reacted to things he didn’t undersatnd.

    Let the decision on a dog’s future lie with experts who can assess the possibility of a better future for a dog.

    Police are there to protect the community, and the community is not at risk from a dog with a neck loop on him.

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  • I can see you happen to be an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your details will probably be extremely interesting for me.. Thanks for all your support and wishing you all of the success.

  • Coward Crooked Cops should die

    These pieces of shit should be shot in the head. If it was my dog I wouldn’t stop until I took their life in return. Fuck the 50k the owner got in a settlement. That shut the owner up but it doesn’t change what happened to that dog who was not aggressive in any manor. TOO ALL COWARD COPS who like to fire their gun at anything they can. SHOOT MY DOG and your wife will be a widow and your kids without a father. The fact this fuck bag is still on the force sickens me. I feel bad for all the good officers out there that are looked at poorly because of the shitty ones!

  • Coward Crooked Cops should die

    Had this dickheads name been released?

  • Null

    Don’t be ignorant, there are plenty of cops that do their job properly and put their lives on the line every day for our safety. As far as Doug Howell goes; you are a lucky mother fucker. I love too far away to hunt you down and make your pansy ass wretch before I put a bullet between your eyes.

  • brian

    That pig Ass mother fucker Doug Howell can rot in hell. Way to validate my feelings towards cops. Never met a cop worth a dime.

  • tiffany janes

    i can not believe how ungodly brutal these cops were. the dog was not hurting anyone and was not being agressive! they should be fired! what i want to know is why werent the animal control called! this is stupid!

  • Nick “Turbo” Raines

    This is absolutely ridiculous and for this officer to still be on the job is nutzzz. I am so pissed.


    @ Kevin Benko,
    to the last question in your comment, my answer is yes, I would/will kill for any member of my family. That includes my pets.

  • Rodney

    This motherfucker still has a job?!?! What a fuckin coward-ass pussy motherfucker!!!!! The day you get what you deserve, ANYBODY that has heard/read this story will NOT feel sorry for your fuckin ass!!!! I dont know what’s wrong with these coward-ass cops today??? This happens all to frequently!!!! Cops shootin a animal that’s doin NOTHIN wrong!! It seems like they jus wanna shoot something? And innocent animals are what they can get away with! FUCKIN PUSSIES!!!!!!!! Raleigh NC, city cop shoots a dog in the head that was tied to the fuckin porch!?! (Dog lived tho) Said it was aggressive, it was barking. THAT’S WHAT DOGS DO YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS!!!! They are protectors! You are a fuckin stranger to them!!!!!! Tha day is gonna come when people start defending their animals!! Call me crazy but you kill my fuckin dog, its gonna be a fuckin shootout!!!! Hell, mailmen and trashmen have dealt with dogs for the longest time. Have you heard of any of them killing a pet???? NO!!! Our German Shepherd got tha trashman once. He kicked tha shot outta her too! And that was it! And I dont blame him either! But…. he didn’t shoot her! Dogs bark & growl. Their territorial you stupid fucks!! Are you jus gonna shoot every dog that barks and growls?? Youll get yours one day motherfucker!!!! And animal lovers will smile!!

  • Rodney

    Just read more about it on The cop that killed the dog TESTIFIED that he feared for his life!?!! Are you kiddin me?!?!?! You DO NOT deserve to wear a badge!!! You sir are a FUCKIN COWARD!!!!! You give good cops a bad name!!! What I dont understand…… Animal Control doesn’t carry guns. If they can handle their line of work without a gun, why do cops feel they need to kill all animals they come in contact with???? And if you say they dont have the right equipment, then…. LEAVE THE ANIMAL ISSUES TO THE ANIMAL CONTROL DEPT.!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn

    Soon Enough Both These Cowards Will Have Bullets In There Heads As Well

  • suckdickpigs

    Motherfuckers wonder why cops are hated fucking cop should get shot in fucking head ..come to chicago cop you get shot in the eye

  • Heather Dodson

    I have a lot of police in my family, but that stated let anyone including a cop go near one of my pets and even threaten harm. well buddy you would be calling swat cause one of my guns would be pulled on you, just like any civilian that threatened harm to me. you are not above the law or to good for my bullets.

  • Donna Sullivan

    These police officers say they feared for their lives??? Really??? If that is truly the case and they were in fear, then they need to choose a different profession because the dog was NOT vicious, the dog did NOT charge them, the dog did NOT attack them. What happened to tazers?? Why do they have to shoot to kill in what has become a situation where they shoot to kill first and ask questions later?? Too many innocent dogs are being killed by trigger happy police officers “fearing for their lives.” They are truly in the wrong profession. Being a police officer does NOT give THEM the RIGHT TO KILL INNOCENT ANIMALS more than likely because they DONT like the breed. Its a load of crap their reasoning and it truly is a shame. These police officers need to be suspended and if they are in fear of their lives over an unarmed friendly dog, then they truly need to find work in another profession. They are a disgrace to the uniform.

  • dog lover

    i hope one day someone puts a couple of bullets in officer Doug Howell’s head after they tie him up & frist shoots him in the gut & while he pleads for life, puts another bullet in his head!
    Coward Bastards like this do not deserve to live! power hungry Mutherfucker.
    I hope Doug Howell reads this post & relizes what a sorry piece of shit he truly is & I only hope he meets this same fate as he inflicted on this poor dog.
    So glad the owner got 50K from the state for this sorry officers work.
    Carma’s a bitch Officer Doug Howell & you can never escape or hide from it !

  • Dave Hill

    I sincerely hope to hear of the death of these officers