Lemonade Vendors Stand Up to Cops, and Win!

Lemonade Freedom Day is a civil disobedience event held every year, in protest of government agents threatening children for running lemonade stands. This year, activists set up a lemonade stand in Philadelphia, PA. They applied for no permits, they paid no taxes, they just set up a lemonade stand and conducted voluntary trade with passers by.

Police didn’t appreciate that much, and came to try and stop us. But we’re not so easily stopped.

Chris Cantwell is a comedian, activist, and public speaker originally from New York. He can be reached via twitter @voteforcantwell

-Chris Cantwell




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  • Jason Free 123

    So basically a bunch of fucked up adults are teaching their children that it’s OK to break the law. Rather then go through the proper channels to get the law changed these fuck ups just tell their kids to go break the law. Typical fucking bullshit activists who should have never reproduced. Does your fucking kid’s live totally depend on selling lemonade? Fucking idiots.

  • steve


  • RadicalDude

    Why would it be up to our servants to tell us what is or isn’t the “law”?
    I think we can decide that for ourselves.

  • Common Sense

    Wow, no permits huh? Way to thumb your nose at the “man.”

    USA! USA! USA!


  • Jason Free 123

    steve – Settle down Peaches. Were you out fishing with your mom yesterday? I bet the smell kept the bugs away. Someone did tell me that you were leaving a greasy slime trail behind your boat. Keep your mom in the cooler until you need her. All this video shows is stupid parents teaching their children to break the law. They say they are teaching their children whats right and wrong. That’s just it. They are teaching “THEIR” version of right and wrong which more than likely is wrong. THe next batch of fucking criminals are being trained.

  • Casual Observer

    Government employees require revenues in order to fund expansion of their activities, therefore the institution of regulatory agencies (which now maintain and use S.W.A.T. units) have proliferated in order to institute greater control over the conduct of private commerce between consenting Americans.

    The problem with our nation is that increasingly, government employees believe they are somehow entitled to intimidate, coerce, and threaten innocent, unarmed, and peaceful people who are not harming anyone, but who choose to refuse to consent to the surrender of their rights.

    There is no justification for the totalitarian attitude of statists imposing their personal will onto others in order to obtain a percentage of their profits. This type of practice has traditionally been referred as a “protection racket.”

    Previously, paid government employees were sworn to prevent organized criminal activity which abused the rights of the average American, but today, they act as willing participants in such crimes and believe themselves to be doing some sort of service for society. History has proven that blind obedience to authority, and the lack of a capacity to engage in critical thought, is exactly what is necessary in order to fashion a fascist regime from the ranks of civilian police.

    Merely because the state claims something is lawful, does not make it right, moral, or correct. Human slavery was “legal” in the United states for more than 70 years… and we’re really not interested in going back there again, are we?

  • RadicalDude

    Exactly, the government in general, and the police in particular, are a de facto protection racket mafia.

  • simpleton

    They were nice to you because you had 500 cameras rolling. Nicely done.

  • steve

    I think swat should take care of these terrible criminal children for selling lemonade with out a permit and no taxes, just look at the damage they have been doing to our country for the last 100 years.


    Why is it against the police??? DOes every here just ignore where the actual laws come from and chose to point thier attention to who is responsible for enforcing them?? You can fight with the police all you want…that isn’t going to change the law..

  • Casual Observer


    You can fight innocent children selling lemonade all you want, but the “actual laws” are not going to make you look like any less of a total a$$hole.

  • RadicalDude

    Time to start putting bullets in heads.

  • RadicalDude

    Above comment by impostor

  • simpleton

    @ PSOSGT, I’m not a lawyer, but I believe there is a difference between laws, statutes, ordinances, citations, civil law, criminal law, and whatever the fuck else they want to make up. But I believe what trumps them all is constitutionally protected “rights”. Now, I don’t know if they have the so called right to sell lemonade, but are they breaking the law or violating an ordinance? Big difference. Ordinances are bullshit, its like loud music. I’d go to court 7 days a week to fight violating an “ordinance”. ridiculous.

  • RadicalDude

    “PSOSGT says:
    August 14, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Why is it against the police??? DOes every here just ignore where the actual laws come from and chose to point thier attention to who is responsible for enforcing them?? You can fight with the police all you want…that isn’t going to change the law..”

    What law? What are actual laws?

    People are individually responsible for their own actions. “Just following orders” isn’t an excuse.

  • RadicalDude

    This idea that there was once upon a time a perfect utopian “constitutional golden age” is a myth.

    The idea that your rights come from the constitution is a myth.

    The government/constitution/etc are based on violence and superstition, and have been oppressing the nation and been used to do so since their inception.

    When the government wants to violently attack someone, what do they use to attempt to justify it? The constitution. When Holder sends guns to drug cartels and has Obama claim “executive privilege” so that Holder doesn’t have to explain himself, where do Obama and Holder claim their authority derives from? When Obama sends flying killer robots to kill some innocent person, where does he claim his authority comes from?
    When a cop is kicking in someone’s door and shooting their dog over some petty non-crime, where do they claim their “authority” to do so comes from?

    The fact is, the constitution is used as an excuse for more lawless violence than it will ever protect anyone from. This notion that there was a mythical “constitutional golden age”, but that it just got corrupted, but that if we could just get back to that we would fix society is a fairy tale. The constitution has never made you or anyone else free.

  • Common Sense

    Unleash the Bearcat!!! Fire the LRAD!!

    These people are clowns, they want the attention. They couldn’t live without it.

  • Casual Observer

    @Common Sense,

    You and “Jason Free 123” are the “clowns” who post here because you “want the attention.”