Epic Fail – PD Calls In Heavy Fire Power To Help Question and Arrest Two Law-Abiding “Black Males”

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“11 36, I could need your help to..aah…arrest 2 young black males.”

You can ask Sheriff Bellows why he gave Deputy Smidt the “Deputy of the Month” award for this, and why two AR15s were needed during the questioning of two law abiding citizens.


Coate911 thinks they have two young black males and call in for heavy firepower to assist during questioning, arrest and search.

Coate911 pulled over a black guy and his friend in a Sedan 4.5 months after a liquor store was burglarized by suspects who wore masks and used a dark van. Police thought they had the burglary suspects, but didn’t mention or ask about the burglaries. They dropped the black guy off in front of a closed business after this incident!

They later claimed they just pulled the guys over because it was late at night and because of recent burglaries in the area.

An investigation proves there were 0 recent burglaries in the area, and the video shows they were being pulled over to be arrested because they were ‘two young black males.’

[excerpt] ‘Doing what they are doing’ means – stopping two law abiding citizens who haven’t broken any laws or made any traffic violations, who they don’t suspect of criminal activity or need any assistance with. Then, only ‘because they get nervous when all they saw was a gun’- while questioning, aim multiple AR15s and pistols at their heads and threaten to kill them if they don’t do what the police want, disarm them, search them, seize their property, and detain them.

We are currently fighting to prove INNOCENCE while charged with crimes that there is no evidence of. There was evidence proving innocence but the police did not turn over that evidence with our discovery request.

Now, all we are left with is a video showing no crimes being committed and police reports that are filled with untrue statements, as well as witness testimony under oath from police that also is filled with many untrue statements.

We are looking for help exposing this incident and bringing those responsible to justice. We are in a position to make sure these police can never do this again to any other law abiding citizens but we do need some help in bringing attention to this.

What we have here: Two guys following police instructions from their national campaign of what to do if you find yourself lost and needing to use your mobile device. Then, these police used that as a way to entrap these guys by claiming that kind of behavior is suspicious and the reason why they are ‘doing what they are doing’.

These guys are lucky to be alive after this but now are facing a ton of problems that were created by these police.

There is evidence that proves police have made numerous untrue statements in their reports and under oath as a way to justify their suspicions and rights violations.

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