Mark Fiorino Update

In March I blogged about Mark Fiorino who was detained, after nearly being shot, by police while open carrying in Philadelphia. His friend, Andrew Shemo, sent in this update. It seems Mark has turned himself after the police issued a warrant for his arrest.

On 4/20/11, The Philadelphia Police Department put out an arrest for Mark Fiorino with the charges being disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment all due, at least from what we know, to his prior open carry incident and audio recording of police officers while he was peacefully walking to auto zone to get a part for his Mother’s vehicle. 5 police officers showed up at his work to serve the warrant, but he wasn’t in the office when they arrived. After Mark found out that he had a warrant out for his arrest, he retained a lawyer and turned himself in today, 4/21/11, at the Northeast Detective Division at 2831 Levick Street which also serves as the headquarters for the 2nd and 15th district of Philadelphia.

Mark informed a fellow gun owner that there was an arrest warrant issued for him which was then posted online to keep all of us updated:

Mark updates us all here:

Mark also started a fundraising thread to bring a suit against the Philadelphia Police Department:

After calling and speaking to one of the officers at the police station, they informed us that Mark will be held for at least another 12 to 24 hours so he can have a pretrial and speak to the bail commission so they can set his bail.

Everyone is encouraged to contact the police station and ask why an innocent man is behind held for doing nothing illegal. The phone number to the make contact with the police department is 215-686-3150.

Walking down the street when a firearm openly carried in a holster is not illegal in the State of Pennsylvania and also not illegal in the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia has been notified multiple times both through MPOETC training and internal directives that open carry in the City is perfetly legal.

MPOETC training guide:

Philadelphia internal directive:



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