Police Issue BS Jaywalking Tickets for Filming (Video)

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There was a police checkpoint in Lowell, Indiana on August 10, 2013. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department, along with Lowell Police, were stopping people for driving on the road and checking their papers to see if they could find an excuse to fine them money (theft). They called it a “sobriety checkpoint,” but it is clear by the citations issued that this was a revenue-generating operation to line the pockets of politicians on the backs of the citizenry.

Lowell Police try to avoid transparency by intimidating independent journalists by writing fraudulent jaywalking tickets. The sidewalk was clearly obstructed by a squad car with flashing lights, cones, and police activity. Besides, there were no victims caused by the act of walking across the road.

Lowell Indiana Police:
(219) 696-0411

Chief Erik Matson:

Patrol Officer John Chase
219-696-0411 ext. 117


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