North Carolina Police Corruption

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My name is Katie Dillon, and I am a victim of willful police misconduct, abuse and deprivation of constitutional rights. On 8/17/2013, I was pulling out of my work parking lot and was immediately stopped by police, declaring a non-emergency by flashing their lights, which by law is a felony. Officer said I was speeding but admitted that he didn’t get that from radar, he just “knew” I was speeding. The arresting officer, Dakota Faircloth of the Stokes County Sheriffs Department, was extremely abusive, hostile, arrogant and completely willful with committing his crimes. I was unlawfully arrested and taken to jail, where I was further abused by this officer and the magistrate, T.C. CONE. When moving to stretch my back after being in handcuffs for over three hours, T.C. Cone said if I kept acting “froggy” she would shove her tazer down my throat and put me on the floor. I was released on bond and got home at 3AM. Two hours later, after my husband filed a complaint about them, they were surrounding my home threatening to take everyone in the home to jail if we didn’t answer the door. Faircloth, who was even more hostile this time, said I had warrants (though I had proof that I didn’t), refused to present the alleged warrants, then threatened me with bodily harm and took me again. For more information about this, I can be contacted at


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