Derek Colling – Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling might be the most dangerous (active) cop in the United States. In less than 5 years as a police officer Colling has killed two, including one 15 year old boy, and was just caught on film beating a man for filming him – great write up and back story at Carlos Miller’s site. Of course Colling charged Mitchell Crooks with assault on a police officer, a complete lie as the video shows.

Please call the LVMPD and ask why they would continue to employ such a violent person. LVMPD Office of the Sheriff: 702.828.3231

Or email if you prefer:


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  • Rachel Faith

    Unbelievable. We need some chief executives who will fire these renegades. Just call a press conference and say “this community gets no more state aid, no education money, roads or any funding whatsoever until this guy is fired. Any town that hires him loses all state aid for the rest of the year. Any private company which hires him had better not need any government forms, permits or be on any funding source or they lose whatever it is. This worthless excuse of humanity would be better off if he hung himself and sought his reward in Hell.

  • Jack

    I called the police number and the receptionist didn’t know anything but she gave me the number to Internal Affairs. It’s 702-828-3422. They are open during the work week from 8-4.

  • Chris Mallory

    Colling is not the only one who needs to be fired and spend the rest of his days in prison. Every cop that stood around and watched him torture the citizen should join him. They are all dirty. There are NO good cops. Every one is crooked.

  • Briane

    This officer, Derek Colling, also fatally shot a mentally handicapped minor in the head. Please call Las Vegas PD and ask why he still has a job: 702-828-3206

  • Rod

    If you live in or near Las Vegas, why not arrange some mass protest outside Colling’s residence in northwest Las Vegas? He lives on 9246 Dorrell Lane, a few blocks north of the beltway. I wish I could come along, but I live on the other side of the planet.

  • tim

    what scum this cop is so afaid of a camra he is willing 2 lie and asult a person. Who the h ll is in comand of this town. this is why you need the feds to arest him and fix the coruption in this town and find out why this criminal was never arested. 2 murders and asult I wounder how many more people are murdered asulted or thown in jail on fake charges. I blame the oficer the sarg the capt the mare the juge wake up anyone of these people could of stoped him

  • James

    I emailed a news reporter from LV that reported on the incident with the 15 year old.

  • This cop has been given a paid vacation while they investigate…. Oh, I mean “suspended with pay”. Whatever:

  • gross

    fkn worthless pig

  • juandos

    Mitchell Crooks, world’s stupidest individual…

    What a fool!

  • Michael

    juandos, you’re fucking dumb. And if you can’t figure out why I said you’re fucking dumb, then just accept the fact that you’re too dumb to understand.

    I called the Sheriff’s office and the lady who answered made it seem like these are the only calls she has been receiving lately. I heard someone in the background say, “Another one?” The Secretary said, “Mhm.” Then in the background again I heard, “He’s such a dirtbag.” My guess is they were talking about Derek Colling.

    I’ve punched a Police Officer in the face for illegal search and seizure for entering my car with no probable cause and no permission. Needless to say he was pissed, but when I called 911 and told them what he was doing he got in his car and drove off. He was later fired from the Police Department. I was 17 and in High School haha.

  • THIS COP NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL!! Call District Attorney Christopher Laurent (702) 671-2500 & make them press charges on this fucking cop!
    This is a really terrifying video. Makes me wonder if I should confront police again – what could happen to me? Ah, Fuck it, I say! I’VE GOT BALLS, I won’t be subjected to the “chilling effect” of videos like this. See my own videos: Cops like this must be exposed and put in jail. This cop violated every rule in the book when it comes to encountering citizens.

  • Kaput

    Michael, if you assaulted a police offer for performing an illegal action, you are no better than the cop you are trying to get fired.

    Just saying. The correct and proper response was to state you do not consent to searches, and let the courts figure it out. If the case is dismissed due to illegal search and seizure, you can counter sue for lost wages, etc, etc, etc. Hit them where it hurts, the wallet.

  • Steel

    time to march on his house, but make sure the local news stations are called first to so thye can broadcast how pissed the people are

  • Peter Kay

    this cop need to be dealt with and locked up WITHOUT A DOUBT…he is not the type for that position and should be dismissed then locked up.
    my god how can they let this evil person continue on the streets…he is dangerous

  • G. Michael

    Just called and told he’s been relieved of duty.

  • Relive his wallet too

    Hope it’s true he got fired and can never work in LE again, certainly should lose his pension as well. In fact, ALL OF HIS ASSETS should be stripped away and given to his victims….

  • Richard Hurtz

    That video was hillarious! You idiots go around harrassing Police Officers at work and then complain because they treat you as you should be treated? You are just a bunch of jobless losers, who have nothing better to do with your time. Oh, I can do anything I want, boo hoo you arrested me waaaaaaaaa! “No victim no crime” Oh look I can shout nonsensical slogans that have no relevence or basis in fact. You guys crack me up. Keep up the good work, it makes for very amusing and entertaining video. Hope to see your asses getting kicked again soon.

  • George Sand

    wah wah wah I am Richard Hurtz! I can’t make intellectual arguments so I hurl insults! That totally makes me cool and definitely detracts from the fact that I’m an insecure idiot who is incapable of critical thought! I talk about people saying things that have “no basis in fact” but nothing that comes out of my mouth has any basis in fact! I am a prime example of the millions of brain-dead, fascism-loving Americans who like to see people get their asses kicked for expressing First Amendment rights, because fascism and tyranny are awesome!

  • EagleDriver

    He shot a man that pullled a revolver and a teen that had a knife to his own mother. Try to make such decisions in a split second and put your life on the line while doing it. Then you can judge…

  • This is a deplorable indication of how far the US is veering towards casual fascism. When someone puts on a uniform and feels free to use physical violence when none is required, one must ask if this is a product of his culture. How could he be given weapons, a badge, and leave to force himself into society without ensuring he knew his responsibilities or the constitution itself? I teach near Dachau KZ and this is exactly the type of personality who would have eagerly joined the SA and made excellent concentration camp personnel.

  • Philip

    when do we get to go back a few years to Metro officer Bruce Genscher pumping 14 bullets into unarmed and peaceful John Perrin at Tropicana & Rainbow one evening? The guy was just walking to the local 7-11. His younger brother Phi Perrin set up a memorial in the field there. Promptly enough, several muscular men with crewcuts and driving four-wheel drive trucks drove through the field and destroyed the memorial. I was over there talking with Phil Perrin. So much for the ‘one rogue cop’ line. Oh, and I saw and experienced other Metro behaviour in 14 years of living in Las Vegas from 1994 to 2008. If you really want to enter Bizarro World, spend dome time assisting homeless people in the city. It will not be long before you hear consistent tales of outrageous abuses, and quite possibly experience it yourself.

  • Big Daddy!

    Beaten a man with a camera and then making a false arrest is inexcusable, this asshole needs to find a job in a new sector. I am all for security, but this is clear abuse of power throw this prick behind bars!

  • Dennis

    Email sent – will call on Monday –

    I would like state my severe outrage and disgust at the actions of officer Derek Colling. There is no excuse for an officer of the law to behave this way. I would consider it a dereliction of duty if this man’s superiors do not terminate him. I support the police, and I believe they do a difficult and dangerous job; however, when men such as Derek Colling use their position to oppress the citizens they are sworn to protect, they are a blight on the entire system. The only honorable action would be to fire this man immediately.

  • DB Copper

    No worries, after Derrick gets fired from Metro not for his actions, but instead for bringing unwanted attention on the police state that is Las Vegas, he will be immediately hired by the police chief in Quartzsite, AZ. Theyve got some openings and Derrick will fit right in

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  • Exciter

    Has there been any followups to this?

  • Fred

    This excuse of a servant should be advised in no manner or way to come to Holland, we don’t take kindly to his sort and manner.

  • Tom Fear

    this pig ought to be fired, sued, and have to pay back the money he’s been receiving sitting on his ass since April. Then, taken into the desert and shot! He’s a no good punk motherfucker.

  • Bob

    So a shooting that is justified is now held against you? You folks are really sick.

  • dereksucks

    @Bob there’s nothing justified about Derek. He fictionalized this arrest = he lied about the shooting… you’re a fucking dipshit and deserve whatever bs you’re dealt in life.

  • GoTellBigDaddy

    This cop is an asshole. ANY COP that is intimidated by a camera videotaping him/her and reacts this way to a citizen deserves no place in law enforcement. The next thing society can expect is when a citizen LOOKS at a cop with any discernment they will be beaten too?

    United Socialist of America that’s what our country has become.

  • MarkInOKC

    Imagine you are officer Colling, you decided to intervene when a young man threatened his mother with a knife. You could do nothing and watch her die. But you acted. Then you are castigated and sued. Do you suppose he thought private investigators were following him to find evidence to hang him on? Everyone plays fair in lawsuits right? All this while on a dangerous job. I’m not saying he was right, but I AM saying I don’t think there is a case for vigilantism. If you don’t trust your own police department, then I think it’s time for political action.

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  • Johnjohn

    REPLY IF ANY OF YOU ACTUALLY READ THE DETAILS OF HIS CASES? Of course you didnt. He shot a attempted murder suspect who pulled a gun on him, on camera. He them shot a teen who was holding his mom hostage with a knife to her throat. He’s a hero. It’s easy to criticize others from home isn’t it? Especially without bothering to read facts.

  • z

    He was fired today…He lives down the street from me….i will not stop untill he leaves nevada.


    Nice site. Just writing a peace about police brutality, see link above, and I featured this case.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

    When we condone this, we become it and accept our children and loved ones can be treated like this too

  • JD

    Ok, so most cops that do such things get away with shit. For the ones who get caught and “punished”, why is it that usually their punishment only consists of being fired? Why is it rare that they also get arrested and prosecuted?

    He got fired, Crooks is filing suit.

  • Joey Collins

    My ex-husband of ten years, father of my two beautiful children was shot by Metro. Officer Colling was one of the officers. They fired eighty rounds from 5 feet away, and one officer was on the side of the store with a shot-gun and he was shot in the back a few times. I They warned him to put his hands up– totally caught off guard he replied just let me get my identification–this occurred in seconds- as he reached to get his wallet his hand reached back and they started firing. When they reported that he pulled a revolver they lied. Period. I was there. They did not know I was there and witnessed the whole thing. When the day of the inquest when the judge called me at home and told me I had 30 min. to get there because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing watching the inquest on tv. I called my att. and told him I wanted to testify they brought me into the judges chambers and wanted to hear the whole story. Please don’t make comments about Shawn Jacob Collins pulling a revolver on the police and that’s why he was shot. He never had a weapon on him. I filed a criminal case in LV-Federal Court-I didn’t blame them they panicked when he reached his hand back but the whole thing was excessive and handled all wrong from the beginning. But when the officers lied in court saying he had a gun and they had the audacity to use two witnesses that they had arrested before the inquest who physically described how he pulled the gun out and held it up to shoot is simply a straight out lie. Even the store clerk said he had no gun he saw the whole thing. I ask GOD to help me find justice for Shawn-a wonderful, gentle human being. In our ten years of marriage the police were never called to our home. He was a talented musician, loved nature, dogs, cooking, and his children. This is not over! PS. My attorney was shut down to the point that he didn’t come out of his home in Texas, and wouldn’t return my calls. Before the statute of limitations ran out I again tried to file a case, drove all night, found an awesome paralegal who believed in me and we filed-awaiting a response to see if I could have a case in court the same people I was suing are the ones who decide if I can sue them and have a case. They denied my request for justice. I will get the truth. For Shawns mom, sister, daughters Shania, Kady, and Kaia, and his only son Jace. I could of dealt with their behavior, I can understand how it happened. But everyone of you and you know who you are aren’t telling the truth. UNACCEPTABLE Please don’t make comments supporting their actions, because they took a gun and placed it by Shawn. THAT IS WHAT THEY DID THAT WAS WRONG>AND WHY DID THEY DO THAT? HMMMM GOD knows. And so do I.

  • Joey Collins

    Shawn Collins body was hit thirty-seven times by Metro’s bullets. Explain that to his kids. Outside of a convenience store in the town where I was born and raised!

  • anonymous Laramie resident

    Update, after being refused an interview with the Laramie Wyoming police departmentDderek Colling was hired by the Albany county sheriff’s department in Laramie. As a Laramie resident I am terrified for my community.

  • Big Lou

    Collin is a straight up b**ch and he needs his ass whipped something fierce for a good hour or so…..fuck crooked cops

  • qwkinuf

    And now Wyoming has hired bad cop Colling. This has to be the epitome of bad cops protecting bad cops. When asked why he hired Colling, Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley actually said, “I know how civil litigation is and I’ve seen officers in the past who were in situations where they were purely in the right.” That means he is totally disregarding Colling’s misconduct, assault, illegal arrest and violation of a totally innocent citizen’s civil rights who was simply (and legally) video-taping. Colling should have been arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for his crimes. And yet LVMP did not blacklist him so that Wyoming could hire him. How long will it be before Colling commits another crime at the expense of an innocent victim?