Ex-Cop Richard Dayton Arrested for Robbery

A 45-year-old ex-police officer who served in the notoriously corrupt Camden Police Department, and was the recipient of multiple internal affairs complaints, was arrested yesterday for robbing a pedestrian using his police badge. Richard Dayton is currently a civilian employee of the Camden County Police Department and had just exited a police vehicle when he committed the larceny. Several Camden cops have previously been accused – and some convicted – of robbing, assaulting, and framing innocent people. For instance, Officer Kevin Parry admitted in court to framing at least 185 citizens. Normally, Camden cops criminally cover up each other’s crimes, but Dayton’s latest robbery was CAUGHT ON VIDEO, so no amount of expected police lies could conceal his crime. Dayton is being held on $50,000 cash bail. Note that Camden’s police officers work closely with nearby Philadelphia’s, whose cops were recently proclaimed by Amnesty International as tied with Pakistan’s as the world’s most corrupt and brutal.

Here is a link to a newspaper article about Richard dayton’s arrest:


-Police Crime Victim