Ademo’s Video Makes Stossel’s Show on Fox

My first tour in the RV dubbed “MARV” was with Jason Talley, currently the executive director of the CD Evolution Fund, and Pete Eyre, my business partner here and with, that project was called Motorhome Diaries. It was one hell of a roadie that lasted 7 months and was the foundation that my activism today is built on.

One day while on the road for Motorhome Diaries I was arrested, along with Jason and Pete, after  James Atkins, of the Jones Co Sheriff department, pulled us over for having a paper license plate. Long story short – complete story here -, Atkins asked me to stop filming and when I refused he called for backup. Upon backups arrival I was arrested for refusing to turn off my camera, the last thing you hear the Deputy Sheriff say after I say no to turning off the camera is, “then you’re going to jail.”

Now filming police isn’t illegal in MS and the police later changed my charges to disorderly conduct for moving from the location I was told to stay in, for whatever reason!??! The reason I’m blogging about an arrest that took place two years ago is because John Stossel recently had Radley Balko, senior editor at Reason Magazine, to talk about filming police. They used part of the footage – raw can be seen here – to bring in the introduction to the topic. See video below.

Note that even though I’ve had two trials, one guilty (freaking justice court – doesn’t really count) and the other was a hung jury, I still haven’t been proven guilty. Yet, Jones County still holds the money I was forced to give them to release me from jail. On top of that my friend, Pete, had his charges dropped almost a year ago, yet he also hasn’t received his money back from this criminal gang.

I guess Wayne Thompson, prosecutor for Jones Co, thinks filming police is a crime and deleting footage is the norm down there. Atleast that’s what his actions state.

Here is the Raw video from that day:

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