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This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions.

Story #1
Waupun Police Officer Facing Charges in 3 Wisconsin Counties After High-Speed Chase Resigns


A Waupun Wisconsin police officer accused of burglary, stealing two vehicles and leading other officers on a high-speed chase has submitted his resignation.

Bradley Young has been in the Burnett County Jail since his August 6tth arrest at a cabin outside Spooner. He had been the subject of a manhunt that spanned three counties. Barron County District Attorney Angela Beranek said previously that when Young realized he was surrounded, he called 911 and surrendered.

He faces multiple charges in Green Lake and Barron counties, and charges are pending in Burnett County.

Young has admitted breaking into grocery stores in Berlin, Markeson and Waupun. A Green Lake County criminal complaint also names him as a suspect in a restaurant burglary in the Town of Green Lake.

The officer took a pickup on August 5th and led a sheriff’s deputy on a high-speed chase when the vehicle was spotted, according to a Barron County complaint. The next day, he took a car, it said. He was arrested that evening.

Young, who has been with the police department for 22 years, has been placed on administrative leave – it is unclear whether it is paid or unpaid.

Waupun Police Department Deputy Chief Scott Louden told The Reporter Media the state Department of Investigation is looking into additional charges.

“We’re not sure if DCI will be consolidating all the charges into one jurisdiction or not,” he said. “That’s totally out of our hands.”

Story #2
Cops Hunting For Illegal Plants Crash Helicopter in Oregon Forest


Prohibition enforcement agents, while “eradicating marijuana” by searching for plants growing in the middle of the wilderness, crashed a federally subsidized aircraft into the Malheur National Forest.

On Monday, August 12th, the Harney County Sheriff’s Department was hunting for plants that the government has determined are not allowed to grow from the soil. They allege that in doing so they are battling alleged Mexican cartels in Oregon.

This mission was part of a “marijuana eradication program” subsidized and orchestrated by the federal government. In fact, it was the first day of the operation.

While flying 400-ft over the forest, the drug warriors suffered from an engine failure that caused their aircraft to make a hard landing onto a service road.

The agents walked away, but the aircraft was a total loss. The rear rotor, landing gear, and main rotors were all catastrophically damaged.

Curious as to how many tax dollars were lost in the wreck, a writer for Police State USA researched the aircraft. The helicopter, identified with the number N62PJ, was a 1997 McDonnell Douglas Model 369E leased by the U.S. Department of Justice from PJ Helicopters of Red Bluff, CA.

A quick search of helicopter sale listings would indicate that an aircraft of this type would easily be sold for half a million dollars or more. A total loss for zero potential gain.

Undeterred by perpetual squandering of tax-payer dollars, Sgt. Brian Needham says his department intends to resume battling the plant in a few weeks if another helicopter can be arranged, according to the AP.

This took place in a state where medical marijuana is legal, and adjacent to Washington, a state where marijuana is legal for personal use. And to what end? A plant with such high public demand will never be eradicated. A free society wouldn’t even consider banning a plant.

That’s this week’s Police Accountability Report brought to you by CopBlock.org.
I hope you’ll take a moment to consider just what it is that you are paying for via taxation – and speak out against the corruption.
Until next week, stay safe and remember that badges don’t grant extra rights.

Darryl W. Perry

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