My Horrible Experience With Cleburne County Sheriffs Department

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I would like everyone here to know about something that happened to me. I got into an accident with this kid I was following because he ran my girlfriend off the road. I was riding his ass, he slammed on his brakes and I hit him. We both left the scene. His mom is a cop and his dad is apparently a druggie. His dad posted on Facebook saying that I rammed him multiple times, totaled his truck, and tried to flip the truck; he called me racist names and called me a crack head. (I can pass a drug test). They spread that story to everyone in town, and I hear they have drug dealers after me. What a joke.

Anyway, over a month later, I was in a store parking lot while my girl went in to get something and I saw the kid walk out and go to his truck. He saw me too. Ten minutes later, a cop came and said I was over some walkway line or something and arrested me for a warrant. He didn’t even know what the warrant was for. I got to jail and waited about an hour before I was handed a warrant for assault. Nobody even read my Miranda Rights to me. My truck was released to someone I didn’t authorize, and the crash report was made out to look like I impacted the other vehicle as if I pit maneuvered them, even though I let an officer at the station take pictures of my bumper. It says no hit and run, they blacked a lot of it out. It says no EMS notified. I bet the punk called his cop mommy and got some bullshit warrant printed out real quick. I have an awesome lawyer and have pleaded not guilty.

Tonight, I got pulled over, searched by three cops, and was yelled at. They handcuffed me when they saw my prescription medications, then they saw my name on them. They ran the serial number on my flat screen TV. (I have to let them search because I’m on probation for shoplifting when I was 17, charged as an adult.) I was pulled over because I came up behind a cop; I was going 58, he claims he was going 75. He wrote me a ticket for careless driving, which I will fight. I was not speed radared once. I have it all on audio too. I want everyone in the world to know how shitty Cleburne County Sheriffs Department in Arkansas is. I think they were just harassing me tonight. It doesn’t take 3 cops to perform what one is capable of doing…


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