Tennessee Police Broke Four Ribs Because Man Refused to Sign Confession

Christopher Smith shared this short recap of an encounter he had with Johnson City Police via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

I was arrested for public intoxication on my own property. When they took me to the police station, they tried to get me to sign a statement that I left the scene of an accident. I don’t even own a car and had not left my house all day. When I wouldn’t sign the statement, they pinned me to the ground, pepper sprayed me, and broke four of my ribs. This happened in Johnson City, TN. Can anyone refer me to an attorney the could help recover all the hospital bills I have incurred?

-Christopher Smith

A few things to consider:
Does the act of being intoxicated in public, in itself, create a victim?
Would you consider a person’s private property to be a ‘public’ space?
What was the goal of the officers attempting to coerce Christopher into signing a statement he does not believe to be true? 
Who is the real victim in this situation?

Police consistently create victims in situations where there were none.