Sexual Assault by Boone County WV Cop

G Frye shared this post via’s submit page.

My brother and I were sitting on a flat bed trailer when we saw the two officers pull up. My brother was wanted, so I stepped back away from him to let the officers do their job – more than 30 feet away, to be exact. After the officers had my brother in handcuffs officer, Robby Dalton approached me and started groping me and sticking his hands in my pockets. I told him he had no right to search me, but the officer continued searching anyway. He stated that he had the right to search, as he was doing it for “his own safety.” A small amount of pot was found in my front pocket in this illegal search. I told the officer he could not charge me because the search wasn’t warranted. Officer Dalton told me that he could and would charge me. I paid their little ticket, but can’t shake the feeling that I just got boned by Boone County corruption.


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