Parma Hts Checkpoint, 8/30/13

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My friend Arthor and I wanted to go and block a checkpoint in Parma Hts, Ohio – so that’s what we did!!!

We went out with signs to warn people about the checkpoint, and I think we got it shut down early! We also had a nice run in with a Sgt. Moppler. At first, he refused to give his name, but I guess I insulted him as he was driving away, by saying it wasn’t very professional of him to refuse to give his name.

He then stopped abruptly and very angrily gave me his name. I found out later that he threatened Arthor, by telling him that if he planned to ride his bike out of there, (which was brought to better be able to cover the whole thing), that he BETTER have front and rear-facing lights visible for 500 feet! He pulled RIGHT next to Arthor on the the sidewalk, on the wrong side of the street, with no emergency lights on to tell him this.

Hats off to Sgt Moppler for giving us a reason to do what we do!

Also, the officer that initially approached us, although at least human about the whole interaction, claimed that I should remove my shiny badge and what it represents.

I only have this to say: My badge is not backed by coercion and force and violence and murder!!! OKAY, PAL?? ——Sgt Moppler and his buddy. “Take off what that badge represents.” —–I rode the bike up into the checkpoint to try to get people’s reaction, and to try to tell them they didn’t have to submit! I was told by one officer I could film, but then he changed his story when the Sgt came up. —-This is our end wrap-up about the whole checkpoint. I have on video the Sgt. in charge refusing to talk to me. And his minions who say boo without his approval!




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