CANADA August 2012: Saskatoon Police Trespass with K-9

Kris Eyvindson shared the following post via’s submit page.

SASKATOON, AUGUST 8 2012: Prior to this, I noticed two people in my yard with a dog. I wasn’t sure, but thought I saw the uniforms and suspected it was the police. I went into my front yard and began talking to a neighbor from across the street.

The alleged Saskatoon Police Service member with the colored badge (not handling the dog) ran from my backyard to my front yard and asked me, “Did you see the other officer come through here?”

I replied, “No.” After hearing my response, he ran to the back alley.

A few moments later, I heard the one with the dog yelling extremely loudly and aggressively at my neighbors, “GO IN YOUR HOUSE,” multiple time, very loudly and aggressively, and I heard doors closing. I walked towards the back alley and filming began shortly afterwards.


He responded, “NO, I’M JUST BUMMING AROUND FOR THE HELL OF IT,” (while snooping around in one of my neighbors backyards.

This was filmed late afternoon Wednesday, 8 Aug 2012. These men had NO WARRANT, and they were not in ‘HOT PURSUIT’ of a criminal. (As you see, there was no one fleeing the scene, and they were at the scene for over ten minutes before coming into my yard and yelling at me).

After posting this to YouTube and telling people I know about it, many people told me that I should have just done what I was told and that I’m an idiot, basically.

I feel that I am completely within my rights and the POLICE were completely abusing their authority and use of K-9, and I am very disappointed that since posting the video and sharing it, about half of people disagree.

Do you think I acted appropriately? Did the Police act appropriately?


-Kris Eyvindson



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