Bergen County PD Were Disciplined Following Confrontation With State Trooper

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This is why video is so important.

The State Trooper and The BCP police were all wrong; all of them acted unprofessionally, arrogant and with pompous bravado. Protect and serve? It appeared to be a whip out and measure moment. Definitely New Jersey.

Jeanne Baratta, who serves as chief of staff for Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan, confirmed that Sgt. Gabriel Escobar and Officer Robert Duboue did receive some type of punishment, but said she was not able to release details on what the discipline was.

“The Attorney Generals Guidelines on Internal Affairs investigations does not allow us to make that information public,” she said in an email.

Sadly, accountability to the public is not transparent. Due to the AG’s guidelines, not the law of the land, information on public employee discipline for egregious actions is not open to public discourse.

This should change.




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