Ticket for Trying to Get Cops License Plate Number?

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Tonight, my wife and I were on our way to a motel room out of town for a wedding we were attending. Traveling on the interstate through Louisville, KY, a city police officer went flying by us, well over the speed limit, with no lights or siren. I fell in behind him in an attempt to retrieve his license plate number or car number to report his driving. With no warning and no signal, he swerved into the other lane. Anticipating a hazard ahead of him, I also switched lanes. He immediately brake checked me, and swerved into another lane, back in front of me, then back into the original lane.

After this stunt, he tailgated me so closely that I could barely see his headlights. After close to a mile he pulled me over, and approached my vehicle, demanding my license and insurance. I asked why I was being stopped, and informed him I had a concealed weapons permit, and a handgun. He again demanded my paperwork and said I better give him my insurance IMMEDIATELY or go to jail. I got the insurance from the glove box and gave it to him. He disappeared to his car for about 15 minutes, and returned to ask if I’d had time to think over my actions. He stated that I followed him only 10 feet away, and that state law requires ‘2 seconds.’ He told me he was not going to cite me for speeding, but that I was getting a ticket for following too closely.

I informed the officer that I would be requesting a trial by jury, because I was only attempting to report him, and was not following him too closely. I plan to fight the ticket to the fullest, because of the principle.



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