Toronto Police Stomping & Punching Man in Alley, Caught by Photographer Andrew Davy

Film The PoliceAndrew J Davy, a photographer in Toronto who “Provides Professional Photography & Cinematography For Any Occasion” wrote the following to provide contenxt the 50+ pictures he added to an album he titled “TORONTO+POLICE=BRUTALITY” (nine of which are shown below)

I was walking back to Baldwin St. and I came across loud cries coming from an alleyway, “Stop, I’m not resisting,” the voice yells.

I hear glass bottles breaking and literally what seems to be some sort of fight going on behind the locked gate… the first image in this album.

I looked through the hole to see what was going on, when I looked I saw one officer just walking right out of frame.

A few seconds later, a shop owner had a key to the gate who came and opened it for me. Almost as if she was telling me to go ahead and take photos of what I saw.

So I open the gate and walk through and I saw these Officers stomping on this man’s head, punching him in his balls & stepping all over him.

I continued taking photos, there was another officer standing around watching while this man is getting his ass stomped out. He eventually noticed me and quickly went on to tell me to move to the streets. The other police eventually saw me and was quick to stop what he was doing.

I think I may have saved this man’s life. No matter what he did he should not be treated like that.

Posted By: Andrew J. Davy | @ADavyRaw

Andrew J. Davy Photography


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The pictures Andrew J. Davy took were posted the same day that Babak Andalib-Goortan, a Toronto police employee, was found guilty of assault for his aggressive actions three years prior at the G20 Summit

From Toronto cop found guilty of assaulting G20 protester with weapon

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