Pregnant Woman Detained While Walking Three Blocks Home in O’Fallon, MO

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On September 18, 2013 at approximately 8:00 AM in front of Walgreens on Mexico Loop Road, my 20-year-old daughter was stopped and detained while walking 3-4 blocks home. The officers stated there was a call that she looked suspicious and asked for her ID. She informed them that she had a high risk pregnancy due to epilepsy, she was 24 weeks along, and that she was returning home after having morning sickness at a friend’s house. While looking for her ID, she pointed out that it was 76 degrees outside, she was sick and just wanted to get home to lie down. She also stated and showed the officers that our home was visible from where they stood at which time the only truly rude, offensive and unprofessional officer asked her if she was carrying, to which she replied, “Yes, sir. I am 24 weeks pregnant,” not realizing he meant a firearm. He became blatantly nasty, accusatory, and aggressive with her verbally, which caused my daughter to begin crying. His partner actually apologized for the entire ordeal while the rude officer ran her license.

By this time, there were four police vehicles in front of the local Walgreens. They insisted she get in their car and asked her what my name was and if I had any felonies, at which point she asked, “What did I do? I can’t believe this; I was just walking. Are you arresting me?” The rude officer replied, “If you continue with this attitude I can make this much worse for you.” Of course she was upset, scared, a bit angered and hormonal, but she agreed to get in his vehicle. They drove her to our home and while she went in the basement entrance, four officers proceeded to pound on all of the doors, dislocating one storm window and waking my 74-year-old father who has leukemia and pre-Alzheimer’s. My father then came to wake me, during which time he unintentionally left the door cracked and three of the officers entered our home. As I came into the kitchen, the rude officer would not stop yelling at my daughter who had just reached the top of the stairs, crying and sweating with a beet-red face from the heat and humidity. As I was trying to get the entire story from a nicer officer, my daughter began vomiting and ran to the bathroom. A sergeant and his partner immediately followed her down the hallway as if she were trying to escape. I pushed in front of them, putting my ear to the bathroom door and told them, “She’s obviously sick. What else can I do for you?” They both remained in the hallway; during this time the rude officer just decided to leave.

The sergeant and his partner waited for my daughter to come out of the bathroom then proceeded to tell her the actions were for her protection as to save her from abduction or sexual assault. I interrupted him, stating she had endured a rape when she was 10 and that she was trained to defend herself, especially at 8:00 AM, and that she also carries pepper spray. The sergeant apologized for mentioning it and they left. I have contacted my attorney and plan on making a full report of this conduct to the appropriate channels. This is not the first time this has happened in our town. We are not in the city, but a suburb where I grew up when it was rural; most people know each other here. I do not know what actions to follow through with and am acquiring assistance in resolving this matter. I thought, perhaps, this may be helpful to others. Research on the officers involved is still pending as not one of them gave me their name or card.

Bridget M. Blair


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