Rogue Cops Retaliate and Harass as a “Gang” in the United States

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My name is Joseph Love, I have been harassed by “rogue” cops for a long time now. It started with me getting a couple of cops fired in Little Rock, Ark. (for hog tying) and then it snowballed from there.

A couple of Little Rock cops went to work for the Veteran Affairs Police and unbeknownst to me, these “rogue” cops , were quietly seeking revenge.

What has happened to me over the years was a “cowardly” “craven” harassment “campaign” that has affected people close to me, and through cops who were not part of the “gang” that persecuted me, I was able to slowly peace together what happened to me.

The latest “run in’s” were with the following police gang agencies:
Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Special Operations Div,
Baltimore Police,
Maryland State Police,
Dallas Police,
Veteran Administration Police Washington, D.C.
Dallas Texas Veteran Affairs Police

So, to try to comprehend just how organized these “thugs” are, you have to understand that I was being treated at the Washington, D.C. Veteran Affairs Hospital.

In short, I was given medicine that was “flagged” in the system because I am extremely allergic to these “powerful” drugs (hypertensive).

In other words, as a critic of the medieval, crude, sometimes outright malpractice that sometimes occur at the Veteran Affairs Hospital (see news reports), I was “unknowingly ” targeted by Veteran Affairs Police for retaliation. In other words, I was drugged.  The side effects are known to many: night terrors, irrational fear, some paranoia , etc.

Veteran Affairs Officials told me to “go and investigate someone else” on several occasions. I was threatened with “death threats” at the Washington, D.C. Veteran Affairs Hospital. Veteran Affairs Police refused to investigate.

Baltimore Police , Maryland Department Of Transportation, Maryland Police, and a “rogue” State Department Diplomat Security Agent all were quite busy trying to convince me that they were part of a “street gang.”

I moved in with my girlfriend, an IRS Agent, and began to try to get the drugs out of my system. I was struggling to walk and talk. While trying to get “sober,” I was exposed to a “stunning” level of “person of interest” monitoring by police, security guards, etc.

Now, I have managed to “remove” a lot of the drugs from my system, and I am under the care of private doctors.

I am looking for a good attorney, to begin the long road of legal actions against the police agencies involved.

Joseph Love
Author Of “Hunted”
Targeted, Stalked, Harassed By Rogue Police Across America



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