Cop Breaks into My Car,Threatens Me, and Forges my Signature

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On 9/18/2013, I was pulled over by the Menlo Park Police in San Bruno. The officer Rolando Igno, badge # 14657, came to my passenger window, which was halfway down, and told me to roll down my window. I then told him that I’m comfortable with the window as it is and we can hear each other loud and clear. He then said, “Excuse me?” and reached in and unlocked my door. My mistake was I didn’t film the beginning of the incident and the videos pick up during the middle. After opening my door, he demanded I show him my ID and registration and threatened me and that’s when I started recording him.

When I told him he violated my rights, he said “Yeah, so what!” After going back and forth, I showed him my license and registration. When he came with the signature machine, I tried to sign and the machine did not record my signature. When I showed him, he took the machine back and pressed done, and the “signature” on my ticket is not mine. This part is on video.

The videos are split into 3 because I had to call my dispatch to tell them I was being held up by the police and I uploaded them as soon as I could without editing. Below is Menlo Park PD contact info:

Rolando B Igno Jr ID 14657
Police Officer

City of Menlo Park
701 Laurel St
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3452
Tel: (650) 330-6600

-Greg Surigao


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