A Man’s Home is No Longer His Castle

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Before this September, I was a 56 year old freeman with no prior convictions.

On May 30, 2012 the “Operation Falcon” fugitive squad forced their way into my home, pursuant to a capias that was bogus, and they knew it. Since I refused to open my door, they charged me with Obstruction.

Using the dis-honor/default process, I recorded, in 2012, a four million dollar judgment against BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office).

On September 3, 2013 this Obstruction charge went to trial. I tried to inform the jury about FIJA and jury nullification but the presiding ‘judge’ refused to allow me to discuss any law matters whatsoever with the jury, including jury nullification. To make this clear to me, he had me arrested and cuffed – in the courtroom, while the jury was in another room – until I said I ‘understood’ that I would not mention such things to the jurors.

Two out of four BSO officers came to testify. They:
a) admitted to arriving in an unmarked van with a Michigan license plate
b) admitted to failure to identify themselves … other than say ‘we are the police’
c) admitted to lying to me and my wife (about an alleged 911 call) in order to attempt to gain entry
d) admitted to failure to produce any paperork, e.g. a warrant
e) admitted to beating me up, without provocation

A soulless Judge arrested me immediately after the trial was over, and put me in jail for 10 days (NO BOND).

On Friday the 13th, he sentenced me – a 56 year old man with no prior convictions whatsoever – to one year in jail.

I was only able to gain my freedom, by pleading ‘no contest’ to another bogus obstruction charge, that occurred prior to the first one that went to trial.

Now I am on probation for a year and my record is clean no longer.

I could appeal and sue, but I have no faith in the ‘system’ anymore. If there is a lawyer who believes he can collect this 4 million dollar judgment and win an appeal, do send me his contact information and I will contact him/her.



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