Law Enforcers Breaking The Law!

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Hello! My name is Brandillynn Deaville.

The other day, Sept. 29, I was driving down the 95 in Las Vegas, Nevada, almost to Russel Rd. when I happened to notice this Highway Patrol Officer going about 85-90 miles an hour. Need I remind you, the 95 speed limit is 65!

Anyway, I attempted to pull her over while on the phone with dispatch to get all information necessary in order to report her and take any actions necessary, seeing as how my tax dollars are going towards officers like her who believe they are above the law and can do as they please.

What followed was an absurd amount of unnecessary action! I’m a 110 pound 5’5 female and had several MUCH larger responding officers surround my vehicle, blocking traffic. I was in fear for my physical well-being when the first officer approached and immediately attempted to open my vehicle door! All in all, a simple attempt to recover a specific officer’s information to file a proper report turned into the usual police game of cat and mouse, where I was lied to and repeatedly denied information by both the officers and their dispatch.

Below is a video of the encounter:

-Brandillynn Deaville


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