Walk Two Blocks in These Shoes

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COPBLOCK.org has done valuable service in posting what is actually an unedited documentary film. Consult Hardesty has linked to your work, as a means to inform police accountability efforts in Portland, Oregon.

Our challenge, as social justice advocates, is to encourage decision-makers to understand what it is like to be profiled and then rousted. We expect, if readers ingest these harms at an emotional level, The People will make more of an effort to bring justice.


We know filming the police will make for safer streets; we encourage all who seek justice to take the time and face the risks to perform this duty. We know it is important for community members to film the filmmakers as well; so they will know ‘we have your back.’

We encourage all to ‘engage in place.’ Those with resources must build relationships. If your resource is documented misconduct, share the video. If you have access to power, organize so that what has been documented can pierce the lies about police practices.

“What’s ironic is that advocating for these victims – now – is actually in the best interest of the dominant culture: as Powers that Be criminalize more and more conduct, law enforcement will gradually come for more and more of ‘us,’ who today think this is how ‘others’ should be treated.”

Consult Hardesty




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