Exposing an Edmonton Police Service Cover-Up

Kris Szczepanski (YouTube Channel) shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

On December 16, 2011, I received a phone call from my niece who told me that there were men at her door identifying themselves as police. I grabbed my camera and raced over to my brother’s apartment (no adults were home) to see what was happening. Apparently, my 9-year old nephew ran away from his alcoholic mother and the police were there to take him back to her. The police physically assaulted my nephew, my niece, my brother, and me.

On January 30, 2013 my brother and I were interviewed by the Edmonton Police Service Professional Standards Branch (Internal Affairs). I recorded my interview with the detective from the EPSPSB and in the interview I proved that there was a cover-up by the Edmonton Police Service.

As the Mainstream Media does not want to cover this cover-up, I am reaching out to the Alternative Media to finally expose this Edmonton Police Service cover-up that happened almost 2 years ago:

Kris Szczepanski



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  • Ernster78

    Where is this video? The pigs got to it already and deleted it?

  • Jason Free 123

    More fucking bullshit from activists. She ran away. The police came and got her. You can take sides all you want but your fucking lies and bullshit show the story is most likely false. Where is the fucking video to prove this ever happened? Activists always says, “If it wasn’t recorded it never happened”. I guess it is safe to say, it fucking didn’t happen fuck face.

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  • certain

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  • AmigaJoe

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  • certain

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  • Kris Szczepanski

    Trolls think they know me but they don’t. I’m not even an activist. I’m just a nobody who is fed up with being pushed around and now I’m pushing back!

    The link is right here:

  • Jason Free 123

    Annonypussy certain – No you are the one who is fucked up. I have already proven that.

    Ron Paul says, “All activists lie all the time everytime”.

  • Common Sense

    “Candidate Kris Szczepanski, a self-described anarchist who called all politics “corrupt,” said salaries should be set by the free market. “I’d like to get rid of government altogether,” he added.

    Szczepanski earned a round of applause when he described the downtown arena deal with Oilers owner Daryl Katz as “a transfer of wealth from the people’s pockets to Mr. Katz’s pockets,” and said it should be rejected.”

    That’s liberal Canada for you. Socialism and anarchy for all.

  • John Q Public

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  • t

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