Parma Hts Officer Moppler

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My friend and I went out to block a checkpoint in Parma Hts, Ohio. We ran into Sgt Moppler, or should I say he ran into us.

This is the kind of attitude that needs to be eradicated from all police departments! After the interaction in which the sarge refused to give his name, I told him he’s not very professional and that’s when he wanted to flex!

He continued to stalk us the rest of the night, as you can see on the video. I found it rather comical and childish. I love it when they don’t want to say anything on camera, and then when you piss them off, they’ve got a riot act to read to you!

Anyway, Greater Cleveland Cop Block’s first submission to the contest is the good Sgt here. Maybe this will at least embarrass him into acting like a professional. Unfortunately, I think today I ran into a rookie he may have trained – another Parma Hts officer who refused to give his name and badge number.

If we don’t identify ourselves to them, we go to jail. They are charged with public trust and can refuse to give their names. I don’t get it! There’s a double standard!



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