Second and Fourth Amendment Violations

Derrick Lister shared this post via’s submit page on October 15, 2013.

Today my home was invaded by Spartanburg (SC) County Sheriff Deputies. They had NO warrant and NO invitation. They searched my home and took my shot gun and my .22 rifle. They said they were a danger to my children. No one was arrested. Deputy Jonathan Kent, Badge #385, led this illegal search and seizure. Deputy Kent, before leaving, made the statement, “I will find a way to get a warrant for your arrest.” Officer Kent made the worst mistake by tripping my wife and saying, “Sorry, but it could have been worse.” Sheriff Chuck Wright is well aware of what his deputies are doing. I have even spoken to him personally. These assholes sent 11 officers to my home. I have reached out to the ACLU and was sent a letter from them saying, basically, that they have better things to do. I have called a lawyer, SLED, FBI and the sheriff’s office. This harassment has been going on since April 2013. I have never been convicted of any crimes. I am reaching out to all of my friends for help. I suppose when I said, “I bet they won’t do that in South Carolina,” I jinxed myself. The tyrannical communist government has even come to the south. God’s Will be done.


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