Driver’s License Checkpoint

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There is a Facebook page or two that let us here in Cleveland know when there is an OVI checkpoint. They have, for the past couple of weeks, been posting about a driver’s license checkpoint. I didn’t believe it, because I thought, “That would be illegal, wouldn’t it?” Sources within Cop Block confirm it is illegal. Delaware V Prouse, or something like that.

Well, here in Cleveland, they must not have gotten the memo! The last couple times that the Facebook checkpoint pages have posted about these checkpoints, I called the local precinct and asked if they knew anything about it. Both times I called, they lied and said they knew nothing about it.

When I called today, I got the same response. A lie! They said maybe it was the state police. I asked why the state police would be patrolling the city streets and performing checkpoints on city streets. They said they didn’t know, but they weren’t having a checkpoint tonight!

This time, I had to go see for myself. And see for myself I did! Never in Parma, or any other suburbs of Cleveland, did I ever run into pigs so arrogant and cocky, full of themselves, and willing to violate another human being in any way they saw fit. It was disgusting! I feel violated.

I was extracted from the car, simply because it isn’t registered in my name. I was surrounded by thugs with guns, intimidated, threatened, and had my rights violated by a costumed thug in charge, who didn’t know the Ohio revised code which states that I do not have to identify myself to an officer simply because he asked for ID. Even after I informed him that it’s Ohio revised code, 2921.29, he said he didn’t know it and wasn’t going to take my word for it.

I wonder how many of these egomaniacs were involved in the case of the 137 bullets? I wonder if any of these scumbags were one of the ones demoted.

In any case, I’ll be calling tomorrow and will record and share the audio of the call. I intend to try to find out the names and badge numbers of the officers involved in the checkpoint last night. I also want to report that the man in charge doesn’t know the law he’s violating, and because he doesn’t know it offhand, feels he has the right to violate it at will!




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