Domestic Violence Victim Arrested; Abusive Husband Keeps His Job as Police Officer

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A formal complaint regarding the SERIOUS MISCONDUCT by the Manchester, NH Police Department was filed in the investigation process of CASE NUMBER 12-012640. The letter was denied further investigation despite the blatant infringement of the victims constitutional rights.

This was a case of domestic violence which occurred at the victims residence at 110 English Village Road in Manchester. This investigation was conducted in an unjust and unprofessional manner in which I was improperly treated and unlawfully detained.

On August 21, 2012 at approximately 12:00 AM in Manchester, NH a woman (myself) was physically assaulted at the hands of her husband, Richard Treem, a Nashua Police officer, in their residence at 110 English Village Road in Manchester. The incident lasted approximately 40 minutes. Immediately after the incident, Richard left the house for the night and would not return. By approximately 1:00 AM the victim was asleep in her bedroom and alone in the residence as there is no one else that lives there.

Richard, a Nashua Police officer, pressed charges in-person at the Manchester Police Department over an hour after the incident. The investigation was then carried out solely on Richard’s account of the incident.

At approximately 2:30 AM she awoke to three Manchester police officer’s standing over her while she lay uncovered in bed dressed in her underwear. These men were: Paul Thompson (100251), Allen D. Aldenberg (10003), and Patrick Maquire (100316). She asked the men how they got into her house and was informed they used Richards’s key to enter. Richard was not present. The officers immediately began to berate her with questioning in an accusatory manner. Her request for a moment’s privacy to dress herself was met with ill-tempered petulance. Nonetheless, they hesitantly exited the room and awaited her appearance in the living room.

She informed the officers that she had taken sleep medication and had a glass of wine, so was very drowsy. Nonetheless, she sat down and they remained standing as they continued to interrogate her about the incident. They interrupted her when she tried to speak and asked leading questions. After extensive probing by the officers, she was arrested and brought to the Manchester Police Department where she was booked and sent to Hillsborough County Jail. During the booking process, the injuries were photographed and her request to file a statement was denied.

At approximately 9 AM, she was arraigned in court and released on PR bail.

Richard Treem still holds his job as Nashua Police officer and, likewise, the aforementioned Manchester Police Officers still hold their jobs. This incident happened nearly a year ago and nobody has been held accountable.

Scott Smillie


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