Blocking Sidewalk Citation? …I Don’t Think So.

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I can’t imagine anyone not getting infuriated while watching this video posted in July of this year. This precisely exhibits the type of abuse average citizens are becoming increasingly aware of and admonishing. The videographer was simply filming an interaction by a couple of public servants on a public sidewalk when those public servants decided to harass the citizen. They wanted the citizen to KNOW that he was beneath them, and he should never question their authority. By doing so, he was then harassed and told he would be cited for “blocking the sidewalk,” even though, as he states, pedestrians freely moved beside him. This was just an illegal attempt by the officers to get his information and to demean. One can clearly see by the video who has command of the law, and it is not the officers.

Apparently, the person in the video is planning to post part two, according to a recent post, but there is enough in this post to see who was in the wrong. Thankfully, there is an awakening in the country, and citizens are not only learning their rights but they are also flexing them. It is well beyond time for those in law enforcement to begin honoring the principles of the constitution that they swore to uphold. Moreover, they need to be better trained in the concept of citizen contact vs detainment.



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