San Fran Follow-Up

On Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2013 I was detained by San Francisco police employees Hamdy G Habib #2329, D Khuu #358, and J Woo and given a 197FRN ransom note. Many folks have inquired about the current status of this situation, thus I felt compelled to make transparent related conversations.

Those who demand payment have no right to my coin – I did not cause harm to them or their property. As anyone who views the objective video evidence will conclude, it was those wearing badges who acted in the wrong.


  • Hamdy G Habib, San Fran police employee #2329 – initiated threat of ransom
  • D Khuu, San Fran police employee #358 – supported and compounded Habib’s actions, advocated conspiracy to write reports differently than occurred
  • J Woo, San Fran police employee – supported and compounded Habib’s actions
  • Robert Moser, San Fran police employee, colleague and supervisor of Habib, Khuu, and Woo out of Mission St. facility – has remained non-responsive
  • J. Weckder (sp?) Office of Civilian Complaints investigator – pursuing complaint based on input received from others

SAN FRANCISCO POLICE (Mission St. facility)




#1 Tuesday, October 15 2:43pm

  • called San Francisco’s Mission St. outfit
  • video length 4:26
  • sought to speak with Robert Moser, left a message with his colleague
  • gave an overview of incident, named Habib, Khuu, and Woo, and noted inclination not to go on defensive

#2 Wednesday, October 16 12:35pm

  • returned the call of Weckder (sp?)
  • video length 2:41 (includes audio of VM left from Weckder)
  • indicated that I will not be filing a complaint
  • questioned how the interaction is being handled, especially due to objective evidence

#3 Wednesday, October 16 4pm?

  • received call from Weckder (sp?)
  • video length 4:42
  • Weckder clarified that he’s not a police employee [yet the Office of Civilian Complaints
  • Weckder noted that my contact info was forwarded to him by Moser as proscribed by “law” (despite the fact that I explicitly told Moser’s colleague that I would not file a complaint)
  • I stated that I will not file a complaint but instead will seek justice through transparency
  • note that I erred twice during this convo – at 0:40 I said “civilian” and not “person” or “human” and at 3:20 I said “Oakland” (where I was staying) rather than “San Francisco” (where the incident happened)

#4 Thursday, October 17 1:13pm

  • called San Francisco’s Mission St. outfit
  • video length 3:17
  • sought to speak with Robert Moser, left a VM
  • reiterated what I’d previously communicated – that I sought to sit down with him and his three colleagues involved, and watch the raw video from the incident and discuss, on camera, whether the actions depicted were thought reasonable

#5 Thursday, October 17 4:22pm

  • received call from Weckder (sp?)
  • video length 10:20
  • just before the video started I had accidentally hung-up on Weckder when I was exiting the dwelling and getting my videocamera turned on, thus the small talk at the beginning of the video recording
  • I gave Weckder the online location of the raw video captured
  • Weckder indicated that an anonymous complaint had been received
  • Weckder asked me to recount the incident on record, which he identified as Office of Civilian Complaints case #589-13

#6 Thursday, October 17 4:22pm

  • this video is a continuation of #5 – it’s split into two parts as the YouTube channel the raw video is uploaded to is capped at 15min
  • video length 14:18

Because I chose not to fund the criminal enterprise of the San Fran police outfit the 197FRNs demanded, their colleagues in the “Superior Court of California” say that amount is now increased by an additional 300FRNs…


Commiefornia Legaland Ransom


Pete Eyre

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