Montgomery County TX (Police Officer Legal/Illegal Constitution Enforcement)

I am starting a volunteer, citizen run and operated investigation team in Montgomery County, Texas. This will be open to anyone who is willing to volunteer time to contribute data regarding local police conduct. The scope of operations for the newly formed ‘P.O.L.I.C.E.’ (Police Officer Legal/Illegal Constitution Enforcement) will be as follows:

1. Provide victims of unwarranted officer interrogation tactics with resolve and understanding of Constitutional Rights during a police encounter.

2. Provide victims of officer harassment the proper facets for filing local and Federal complaints, lawsuits, subpoenas, and grievances

3. Provide citizens with immediate answers regarding Constitutional rights DURING non-detained or non-arrest police encounters.

4. Report ALL data DIRECTLY to local news outlets with accurate timelines of events.

5. Being courteous yet resolute with all Law Enforcement Personnel, and being able to explain that your function is not to incriminate the officer, but provide accurate 3rd party data regarding the current event.

Email your thoughts to

-Nolan Davis


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