Spywatch Video from Jeffrey Weinhaus shooting

Over a year has passed since Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot four times in a central Missouri gas station parking lot at a pre-arranged meeting. Weinhaus was rightly concerned about his safety due to the ongoing harassment faced by Folsom and his ilk and thus arrived with his spywatch recording. Previously only a short excerpt of that recording been shared, yesterday the full video was posted by YouTube.com/MrWoundWeaver

COMPLETE BACKGROUND ABOUT SITUATION http://copblock.org/jeffreyweinhaus

The spywatch recording disproves many of the claims put forth by Folsom in his incident report. Folsom claims that he told Weinahus had the papers for him to sign to get his computers back and that he ordered Weinhaus to get his hand off the gun”, neither of which happened. http://copblock.org/police-report-from-henry-folsom-the-shooter-of-jeffrey-weinhaus

The spywatch recording shows that once on the ground, Weinhaus’ hand was not on his firearm as claimed by Folsom. http://copblock.org/weinhaus-spywatch-disproves-folsoms-claims

Weinhaus was told by Folsom that he was to receive back his computers. Even Folsom admits as much in his own report. Yet Robert E. Parks, the prosecutor (636.583.6370), claimed that Weinhaus should have known that Folsom was seeking to arrest him, thus Weinhaus was guilty of resisting/interfering with the arrest at a felony level. Parks lied in his indictment. Why has he not been held liable? http://copblock.org/28700/proof-of-perjury-henry-folsom-jeffrey-weinhaus-shooter-caught-in-lie

These are just a few of the many discrepancies that exist due to the inaccurate recount of events from Folsom and his crew.

On October 10, 2013 Weinhaus was found guilty of a number of charges by a Franklin County jury. More on that fact: http://copblock.org/weinhaus-said-to-be-guilty

He’s slated to be sentenced on November 25, 2013 by Keith M. Sutherland (636.583.7365).

Stay tuned for a much more thorough recount of this situation. And by all means – if you’re so motivated to dig into this situation to help the truth emerge, that’d be welcomed. As we each look after each other we’re all safer. If you have any specific insight that you believe needs to be made public let the world know via http://copblock.org/submit or share it with me via pete@copblock.org

There are lots of other questions about this incident. Two FBI employees, Mike Maruschak, Patrick Cunningham (314.589.2500), were on scene when the shooting happened – why haven’t their reports been made public? Why weren’t they called to testify during the three-day trial held in early October? More on that fact: http://copblock.org/police-report-from-henry-folsom-the-shooter-of-jeffrey-weinhaus

Further, why was Folsom operating in St. Clair, an area outside his jurisdiction? Folsom works out of MO State Highway Patrol Troop I. St. Clair is said to be serviced by MO State Highway Patrol Troop C. Though working in neighboring areas does happen – a MO statute 43.200, dictates that the county sheriff has to be notified, yet Gary F. Toelke, the sheriff of Franklin County, stated that he and his colleagues were never made aware by Folsom of his pending actions. More on that fact: http://scribd.com/doc/128194067/Letter-from-Franklin-Co-Sheriff-Gary-F-Toelke-to-Jeffrey-Weinhaus

Even prior to the 2012.09.11 shooting of Weinhaus the actions of the “authorities” involved is not without question. Why were “multiple” judges visited before one was found that would sign off on a warrant sought by Folsom to enter Weinhaus’ dwelling? And how did this investigation into Weinhaus even begin? At a 2013.02.21 hearing prosecutor Parks stated that the 2012.08.16 video by Weinhaus caused the caused governor’s office to call a MO State Highway Patrol colonel and request an investigation, yet the only colonel employed at that outfit – Ronald K Replogle (573-751-3313) – denies any recollection of such a call.

COMPLETE BACKGROUND ABOUT SITUATION http://copblock.org/jeffreyweinhaus

JEFFREY WEINHAUS VIDEO PLAYLIST http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQKn6VyrLIpeVzq2TlZjjQxHEVxnioaYa

Weinhaus was shot four times by those who claim to “serve and protect”. He was helivaced to a St. Louis hospital and was released a month later. He continued recovery at his brother’s house then, when attending a related hearing a month after that, was snatched up by MO St Hgy Patrol employees, was caged for a year, then had jury trial in Oct. of 2013. MORE CopBlock.org/JeffreyWeinhaus

Pete Eyre

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