Meeting With the Cop Block Tour in Detroit, MI

V.I.P.E.R.S. Threat Management’s stated mission, found at, is as follows:

“The objective of our organization is to make the world safer by denying the opportunity for violence to take place.  By using tactical psychology, tactical law, and tactical skills, we create conditions which, by design, are not conducive for violence.  V.I.P.E.R.S. Threat Management emphasizes the use of deterrence, detection, and defense to achieve non-violent outcomes.”

The following was shared by DEO via’s submit page.

I had the privilege of spending the day with Pete and Garret in Detroit for the Cop Block tour. We were invited to ride along with Dale Brown of Viper Threat Management. What a great day!

I learned a lot about the effectiveness of this model. People misunderstand the role of the Viper team, often confusing them with police. They are not police, they are the opposite of police. See, the VIPER team relies on transparency and peaceful tactics to deter violent criminals from WANTING to hurt their customers.

Dale and his team are willing to put their lives in danger to save the people they are protecting. It is based on a community service stand-point, as opposed to an us vs. them mentality like the police employ.

Police around the country should be lining up to train with these guys!

I’d like to thank Dale for the hospitality and opening up my eyes to the possibilities.

I’d also like to thank Pete and Garret for their help and support! It was great to see you guys!



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