Falsely Accused

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This morning (Nov. 1), I was arrested by the Kentucky State Police. At 7:45 AM or so, they surrounded my home and beat on the doors; it sounded as if they were punching them. My mom made it to the door, and they asked for me by name, asking my birth date to confirm. She yelled for me to come to the door. I had just woken up, so I had only shorts on. They told me to get dressed and that they had a warrant for my arrest. Shocked, I immediately thought I had some strange fine I didn’t know about, so I asked, “What is the warrant for?” The KSP officer serving the warrant says, “Let’s see,” as he pulled a little paper from an envelope, “You sold marijuana to an undercover police officer at John Doe’s house, [scoffs] how about that?” I nearly fainted from the anxiety that hit me. I immediately told them there was a mistake and that I do not even know that person. My mother asked the KSP officer while tearing up and choking on her words, “Has bail been set?” This man told my mother, who was clearly stressed out, “No bond has been set; he will be going to jail for a long time.” Why was this needed?

They took me to the police station at City Hall, which was PACKED with police cars. They walked me in and the same guy said, “Don’t eat my donuts.” I kid you not. I went into a room with about 4-5 other officers (KSP-City-Sheriff Dept – I couldn’t really tell you who was who though). They sat me in front of an officer, and older gentleman. I told them, again, ” This is a horrible mistake! It’s not possible, and I have no idea who this Phillip person is.” They handed me my citation, and it read that I sold 444 grams of marijuana; that’s almost a pound of marijuana! Allegedly, it was sold to a CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT, in January of this year. I told them again it was impossible. The men laughed at me, and told me the man in front of me (the guy who gave me the citation) was the undercover officer I sold to. I looked at him in despair, “Are you saying you have met me before this day? And I sold drugs to you?” He looked at me and nodded. The other officers laughed at me again and said, “He has you on video.” I threw my hands up, saying, “This is beyond impossible. If you are saying I’m on video selling this man drugs, someone is going to be beyond embarrassed over this.” They all laughed at me, except for the man who identified me.

I asked them why they thought it was unbelievable for this man to have made a mistake? I asked them why they kept laughing at one point. Of course I was answered with silence. People, this is absolutely wrong, and HORRIBLE police work. I sat there silent, in even further disbelief. This man had just verified me as the person who sold him drugs, and is wrong. He got up and asked me to fallow him. He took me to a small room, and had another officer who was in regular clothes follow us in. He then started to tell me that was my chance to help myself, if I had any names to give; they couldn’t guarantee me anything but it could help. I told them something like, “I understand you want me to give you the names of a boss or something, but I am oblivious to any of this.” They cut me off and looked at me like I am an idiot. The older officer said, “That’s not what I said.” I asked him to ask the question again if I had misunderstood him. “We want any and all names, little or big.” I told him I was innocent, I didn’t know what was going on, and that I had nothing to say. They randomly threw in something like, “You saying you never sell drugs?” while I m pleading with them that they had the wrong person. I stopped and told them I had no idea what to tell them, I had no names.

They sent me off with the Sheriff, who took me to the detention center. Of course I had to remove all my clothes and was made to show them I had nothing hidden on or in my body. It was embarrassing, but the severity of the situation made it null in comparison. The detention center staff that I encountered were A+, very respectable and treated me like a person; I thank them for that. My mother posted the $5,000 bond for me with her house. I have no idea how this “detective” identified me. The claims are absolutely not true. Some of the KSP officers that I encountered stayed quiet; the ones that spoke were condescending and self righteous. People, I’m warning you, things are getting out of control. I now have a court date on December 15th risking a felony charge, and I assure you, I am innocent of this. I’m looking into lawyers now. Prayers needed, because I’m the kind of target they like – a poor one.


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