At Threat Management Center, Priority Is Not Making it Home

How many of us have been told by police employees that the reason they *must* take such aggressive actions is to “make it home to my family”? That mindset, according to Threat Management Center founder Dale Brown is flawed. Instead, those tasked with protecting others – those who take a salary to do so, should have as their highest priority the safety of others.

Incentives matter. Police, as currently structured, will never provide protection, justice or be accountable. Dale Brown and his colleagues at Threat Management center are proving that these services are better supplied through consensual interactions.


  • [website] Threat Management Center
    The objective of our organization is to make the world safer by denying the opportunity for violence to take place. By using tactical psychology, tactical law, and tactical skills, we create conditions which, by design, are not conducive for violence. V.I.P.E.R.S. Threat Management emphasizes the use of deterrence, detection, and defense to achieve non-violent outcomes.
  • [website] Police Accountability Tour
    The Police Accountability Tour, on the road from mid-August until December, will maximize police accountability by facilitating connections and collaboration among those who know that badges don’t grant extra rights, and through skill sharing and the capturing and dissemination of relevant content. This tour will help further connect individuals involved with Cop Block, Cop Watch, and Peaceful Streets groups as well as all police-watching groups and people around the world, so we can together advance a reality free from institutionalized violence.
  • [Facebook page] Greater Cleveland Cop Block
    We are going to bring to light ALL illegal law enforcement activity in the Greater Cleveland area.
  • [post from 2013.11.02 shadowing] Meeting With the Cop Block Tour in Detroit, MI via Deo to
    A write-up from Deo of about his experience rolling around Detroit with Dale Brown and crew
  • Threat Management Center (Detroit, Police Accountability Tour 2013.10.31) via
    1hr 18min, 38 videos – videos captured on Thur., Oct. 31, 2013 by Pete Eyre
  • Inside Detroit’s Threat Management Center (raw)  via
    4hr, 42 videos – Uncut video from a visit to the Threat Management Center in Detroit, Michigan. Filmed by Garret Ean October 31 2013 courtesy
  • CopBlock Tour 10 31 13 Detroit MI via
    26min video – Cop Block tour, Detroit Rock City! Hangin with Pete, Garret and Dale Brown. Dale is the president of VIPER Threat Mangement. A whole new way to handle crime! Check out for more in depth information and interviews with Dales Brown. He can explain it better than I can!!!!
  • Conversation with Dale Brown of Detroit’s Threat Management Center  via
    3hr, 20videoos – Police accountability activists meet with Dale Brown at the Detroit Threat Management Center, where employees take a principled approach to community safety and conflict resolution, filling the gaps unchecked and often created by the official criminal justice system. Recorded on Monday October 28 2013 courtesy and
  • Detroit Threat Management: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part II via
    3min video – from the Reason crew, part of a four-part series called Anarchy in Detroit
  • The Local Focus: Free Detroit Series – Threat Management
    21min video – In the first episode of The Local Focus’s Free Detroit Series we head to Detroit to check in on Threat Management Center who is offering a privatized option to the failing police department.
  • [post & video posted on 2013.05.13] Dale Brown of Detroit-based Threat Management Center is On-Point via
    7min video – In February of 2012 a write-up to titled, “Frustrated, Detroit Residents Compete with Police” included a picture of Dale Brown, founder of the Threat Management Center. In early 2013 when Pete Eyre visited Detroit as part of the he reached-out to Brown, who graciously welcomed Eyre at his facility
  • [post from 2012.0208] Frustrated, Detroit Residents Compete with Police via


Garret Ean, Pete Eyre & Dale Brown. In the rear passenger seat is Deo.


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability. Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation. In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.