Nearly Entire Gary Police Department Raids Business After Owner Makes Political Complaints

Ken Davidson shared the following post, originally published at The Northwest Indiana Gazette.

On Saturday night, nearly the entire Gary Police Department was involved in some type of activity that no one seems to be able to explain. The Gazette received several tips regarding some type of police activity at 11th and Grant Streets in Gary. Upon arrival, the photograph below of two code enforcement officers sitting along the side of the road was taken. Shortly thereafter, several Gary police officers arrived and I was ordered to leave the area. Witnesses allege that up to 9 Gary Police Officers were at the scene on a Saturday night. At least 6 were there for several hours and at least one camped out at the property overnight. Scanner traffic said a “break in” was reported.

Now, a Gary business owner is claiming that the administration of Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson is using the federally funded code enforcement department to retaliate against him due to his criticism of the Administration.

Business owner Andy Young states that he has had several issues with various properties throughout the City. One of his properties is in the footprint for the Gary Sanitary District Ralston Lagoon project near the Gary airport. Young states that the city has seized that property illegally and threatened him with arrest if he attempts to access it. Despite an EPA mandate to resolve the matter by 2009, that case was just brought to Court by the City in 2012. And even now, as 2013 winds down, the case still lingers, although the GSD has effectively taken control of the property as of several years ago.

The question remains, who ordered all of this police activity. It is clear that a police officer would not “sit” on a property overnight without specific direction to do so. Chief Ingram stated clearly that he knew nothing about the incident when asked on Monday morning. A request for information to the Mayor’s Office was met with the following statement from Chelsea Whittington:

Currently a statement is being crafted by our legal department for distribution. We are working to meet your 5 o’clock deadline however if we are unable to oblige, you will receive the statement tomorrow. We respectfully request that you do not print that the mayor’s office was unavailable for comment and let this email serve as correspondence.

That letter was yesterday and a follow-up conversation with Ms. Whittington today resulted in her asking the Gazette for press “credentials.” Apparently, they have not finished crafting that response. Calls to code enforcement supervisor Kenya Maclin were not returned.

If you have been the subject of code enforcement action, please let us know about it at

Ken Davidson



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  • ThirtyOneBravo

    First!! (ahhhhh)

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I thought this was a satire page called Cop Block and not a new page called Mayoral Affairs?

  • Alvin

    So I read this story. Then I recognized this as a land-grab. Then I got to wondering “what party uses land-grabs for their political Purposes?” Then I looked up the mayor of Gary, and PRESTO !!!!!! Democrat. Yep, more dem/lib/commie tactics from the left. But, we’re not in a corrupt police state. (rolls eyes).

  • Common Sense

    It sounds like the first part of the story has nothing to do with the other. Maybe it does, its a poorly written article.

    Was there a break in? Were the police present as someone else may break in later? Was there code violations found while the police were there?

    It sounds like the EPA mandated some form of clean up on Young’s property/Gary’s property. A legal battle ensued.

    One comment said that Young doesn’t reside in Gary any longer but “maintains” several property.

  • t

    Sounds like the place got broken into and the police responded. Non-story. Check

  • blazzin12


  • t

    12: Did you read the story? There is nothing to indicate it was anything other than what I described I’m not surprised that you dont understand something as simple as this…. And you buy into any nonsense you are told.


  • BJ

    t says:
    “Sounds like the place got broken into and the police responded. Non-story. Check”

    Did you read the story? Obviously not. If it were a non-story, please explain why the hush hush by the authorities when asked for a response. Non-Story = Simple and immediate explanation not a stall job while the legal eagles craft a politically correct statement.

  • t

    BJ. What cover up guy? Just because we (generically meaning the police as I have only every just driven through Gary Indiana). The police already give out WAY too much info about ongoing investigations. We don’t know what was found inside the business.
    I’m reminded of a an incident from forever ago when I was still a young guy. I responded to a breaking at an apartment…..not an unusual occurrence. Several hours later I was finally able to leave after SWAT left. After the major crimes guys had left. And after the drugs and vice guys had left. The “victim” of the break in had been specifically targeted because of his… I only relate that as you never know what might be found when someone’s place gets broken into. And the police shouldn’t respond to every request for info when investigations are still ongoing.

  • t

    Oh, BTW….Gary PD has almost 300 officers. 9 officers at a break in isn’t the whole department like the author wants you to believe. BJ…. you go ahead and still believe it though.

  • Keith

    t takes it up the ass by 31b while he’s ginving JQP and blowjob…check!

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    t is older. So he’s the alpha of this pack of wolf hunters.

  • Z-onLy-1

    Have any of you been to Gary, Indiana? Just goes to show how ridiculous you radicalists are! Someone it just trying to clean up a city and everyone goes crazy. It’s B.S. that some people think they don’t have to follow the rules and then complain to get out of trouble. I fear that these tree huggin, frog lickers will go crazy and try to brain wash me in to believing this garbage!