Kentucky Fish and Wildlife

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I was arrested last weekend on my own farm for complaining about the game wardens driving their truck in my muddy crop fields. When I encountered the game wardens, they jumped out of the truck and immediately became angry and defensive. After a short argument, I was arrested and taken to jail for menacing. During the argument, I was assaulted as well. The guy that arrested me was named Brad Bowles, a former state trooper. On my citation he wrote that I had an elevated forehead and nose, aggressive body posture, and that I was using profanity – all of which are true due to the fact that my farm had been damaged. His supervisor’s name is Scott Macintosh. When I was released from the Butler County Jail, Macintosh and the clowns who arrested me were across the street getting a pizza. I approached. Macintosh told me that he was eating and he wouldn’t talk to me. I came back later. I asked him why they couldn’t just appologize for the damage and leave. They all laughed.



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