Tennessee Deputy Abuses the Public Trust

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The purpose of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department (TN) is to, “..provide a greater sense of safety and well being among the citizen’s of Cumberland County, and to increase their trust in the dedicated men and women that serve them.” But Deputy Avery Aytes apparently didn’t get that memo:

It’s time for local Sheriffs to remember that they hold office as a public trust. LEOs in the field often make decisions with the people that must weigh law against serving the people. For managers in law enforcement, similar conflicts emerge about handling the professionalism of their subordinates. The public trust overrides all other considerations here. Sheriff Burgess must fire Deputy Aytes or assume personal ownership of his actions.

The system is sadly broken all over. Abusers with badges and their handlers put innocent people in cages without cause all too often. Copblock exists to shine a light on this injustice pattern. Sadly, it has come to Cumberland County, Tennessee.


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